• He had a point.

    Yes, Rand Paul's filibuster on drones was an important moment for modern politics, because Rand Paul sent the message to both Republicans and Democrats that someone is willing to step up for the interests of the people. Paul also put his name on the map, and could possibly be a presidential contender in 2016.

  • Yes, I think that it was an important moment in politics.

    I think that Rand Paul's filibuster on drones was important for the country and modern politics. I think that the issue with drones is a very dangerous and controversial one that is significant for the modern world. I think that Rand Paul did the country a favor and possibly the world.

  • A bright moment in his career, but in the end meaningless

    Rand Paul's filibuster was a good speech and he made some good points. It also had no effect at all on the nomination of John Brennan, so it's hard to argue that it was effective.

    It also had little impact on the American public as a whole. I imagine that if you went to any downtown and asked people their opinion about Rand Paul's filibuster that you would get a lot of blank stares in return. Given all of this, it's very difficult to classify Rand Paul's speech as an important moment in modern politics.

  • No It Wasn't

    I do not believe Rand Paul's filibuster on drones was an important moment for modern politics. I believe Rand Paul's views are out of touch with the common people in this country and most of his tactics are fairly harmful to the people. His position on drones does not correspond to all positions. I view his filibuster as a waste of time.

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