Do you believe religious texts (yes) or individuals (no) decide what is good and evil?

  • A higher power.

    I believe that religious texts, rather than individuals, decide what is good and evil, because God tells us what is good and evil in His word, the Bible. What is good never changes. There is right and wrong. God has given us the 10 commandments and He is clear on what is right and wrong.

  • Unfortunately, it's in the hands of the religionists.

    I think that in this world, far too many people put their faith into religious texts. These people don't think for themselves. They've outsourced their sense of morality to a bunch of sheep herders who've been dead for 2,000 years, who had no concept of science or relativism. We should be more about the individual.

  • Individuals are who decide.

    In my mind, to think that religious texts decides what is good or evil is absurd beyond comprehension. Do you mean to tell me it takes a holy book to tell people not to go out and murder. If so, then most of the world has issues. I always knew that killing was wrong. It's intrinsic.

  • No, we decide

    I think a person wrote those texts, so in theory we decided what was wrong and what was right. The word of god is nothing,but a person over the years it turned into something more than that. The words evolved and worked there way into laws,but most are common sense.

  • Notions of good and evil are for individuals

    People must think for themselves rather than rely on religious scripture. In fact, I think it is necessary to question religious doctrines when deciding on good and evil. If we do not question authority, we lose our humanity. Abiding by religious texts to decide on good and evil just leads us to condemning arbitrary behavior.

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