• She seems most popular

    The Tea Party movement is still new enough that it is difficult to put a face to the group, but Michele Bachman seems to be one of the most popular and already powerful enough members that she could be seen as the head of the movement. We are still yet to see.

  • She's too nuts for them. Also, she's a woman.

    No, I don't believe Michelle "Old Crazy Eyes" Bachmann is the head of the whacko Tea Party. She's too inconsistent and unbalanced in her statements even for them. Besides, the predominately male Tea Party doesn't like having women in charge. More likely leaders of that crazy brigade are Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

  • The Tea Party should hope not

    Head? Michelle Bachmann barely rates as a talking head these days, her credibility would be almost impossible to sink lower. I can't imagine anyone considering her the head of anything. Even this long after the election I still run across threads discussing favorite lunatic things she'd been spotted saying. From pseudoscientific antivax nonsense, to her abysmal grasp of history, the woman's a joke.

  • She is irrelevent now

    Now, they say Ted Cruise is the de facto leader of the Tea Party. Michelle Bachmann is said to be retiring after her term is up. I am thankful because she did nothing good for our country except gin up hate and ignorance. It is sad she was paid over a million dollars in tax payer money to make the country worse.

  • No, I do not believe that Michele Bachmann is the de facto head of the Tea Party.

    Even though a lot of Rep. Michele Bachmann's beliefs and principles fall in line with that of many of the people who consider themselves a part of the Tea Party, it doesn't mean she is the de facto head of the organization. I think that she might be a follower though.

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