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  • Send Them Back?

    The plans of France to "repatriate" Roma people to Romania is roughly equivalent to the United States suddenly deciding to send all black Americans back to Africa - for many of the same reasons. The Roma people are not one people but many tribes with some commonalities of language and traditions who have long been part of many countries in Europe. Not all of them are from Romania - and those who are have fled persecution only to find poverty and prejudice.Yet they have stayed in France in miserable conditions, which should give you an idea of how terrible the conditions in Romania must have been, for France to be better for them. I also disagree with the plans to assimilate them "better" into the French society - this "assimilation" was tried with the Native American tribes in the U.S.A. with devastating results on their communities and traditions. Surely the French authorities can work with Roma leaders to create a workable compromise.

  • Repatriation will not resolve Roma issues.

    No, repatriation of the Roma back to their home countries will not resolve European Roma issues. These people are nomadic for a reason. Repatriation may easy a burden and tension that exists in Europe due to the presence and lifestyle of the Roma, but overall it will not solve their issues.

  • Repatraition is not the answer

    Repatriation will not solve the European Roma issues. The deep seated prejudices and racism will not stop merely if Roma are repatriated. There needs to be a serious dialogue about tolerance and respect. If no one is willing to accept the Roma, then it does not really matter where they live.

  • European Roma issues

    No, these politicians have not failed the Roma. Nothing is wrong with the Roma people, and they have all of the same rights that every other person in Europe has, so they are not getting any harsh treatment from anyone, they are getting along just fine with everybody in Europe.

  • No it wont

    No, I do not think that if there is even a sudden surge of people in Europe becoming patriots again, it is not going to help out the Roma a lot, since they are getting judged because of their different culture, and since they practice different traditions that the others.

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