Do you believe restricting programming like adult-oriented cartoons to time slots past 10PM is justifiable?

  • Yes, as used to happen.

    Restricting tv programs that are suited to adult viewing until after 9 pm or 10 pm is exactly what used to happen with no problem until a few years ago. Now at 7 pm you can hear all sorts of curse words and references to sexual activity. It would be a good thing to reinstate this limitation.

  • Yes It Is

    I do believe it is justifiable to restrict programming, like adult-oriented cartoons, to time slots past 10PM. Television programming shows more sex and violence than it ever has in the past but I believe family friendly programming should be available for the family in the early evening hours so parents don't have to send their children in another room simply because of a TV program.

  • Yes, I feel we should respect the family hour.

    It used to be illegal to air something that wasn't family-friendly between 8 and 9 PM. But this law was done away with over 30 years ago. Despite that, some networks have tried to maintain a more family-friendly time earlier in the evening, putting things that are more offensive on after 10, and some families expect it. I personally believe this is wise since kids will be in bed when adult-oriented content is on, and there's less work for parents who wish to keep them from seeing it. However, it's becoming less and less the norm.

  • Yes, adult cartoons are justifiable.

    Adults have liked cartoons since they were children. You never really grow out of liking cartoons. And, as an adult, when you find one geared toward your age group, you want to watch. Especially if it is funny. There is too much squeamishness going on, and whether adult cartoons are justifiable seems like a silly question.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that if a lot of people are watching these types of shows on TV, then there should not be a restriction on what the TV channels can play, since they are just trying to make money by getting as much people to view their shows as possible.

  • No because the adults are tired by then

    So no because they are already tired from work or their on their way to work. I mean when you get home from work the first thing you want to do is sleep. I know this because i do it and a lot of other adults say it is true also.

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