Do you believe Roma communities have been effected negatively by early marriages?

  • They need time for their futures.

    Yes, I believe that the Roma communities have been effected negatively by early marriages, because marrying later in life would give more time for the Roma to develop as individuals and obtain an education. Later marriages are usually associated with better results. They could obtain educations and financial stability before marrying.

  • Yes, because early marriage places too much pressure on young girls.

    Early marriage in any community places too much pressure on girls to play the role of women too soon. Because early marriage creates natural opportunities for pregnancy, the result can be girls becoming mothers at too early an age. This situation creates health issues for the mother and baby, so it is better to postpone marriage until girls are a little older, in any culture.

  • Roma Communities Effected

    I personally think that Roma communities have been effected negatively by early marriages because they promote getting married at an early age as well as the women staying at home to cook and clean the home as for the men they work long shifts which they bring in the money for the families.

  • roma early marriages

    Traditionally, it is a patriarchal society and virginity is considered essential in unmarried women. Men and women often marry young. The Romani practice of child marriage has generated controversy in many countries. In 2003, one of the many self-styled Romani "kings", Ilie Tortică, prohibited marriage before the parties were of legal age in their country of residence. A Romani patriarch, Florin Cioabă, ran afoul of Romanian authorities in late 2003 when he married off his youngest daughter, Ana-Maria at the age of twelve, well below the legal marriageable age.

  • Not at all

    I do not think that there is a lot wrong with getting married early, as long as you love the person that you are marrying, and they are close to the same age. I do not think that getting married early has had a negative impact on these peoples life.

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