Do you believe sales positions with Vector Marketing are simply scams taking advantage of college students?

  • Yes, they are scams

    I worked for a company like this right out of the gate. Its tons of work, for nothing. It also is geared to take advantage of people who don't need the products. Its not going to sell to younger people,but older the better, is what I was told. They need to be regulated so they don't crush college students hopes.

  • Even though it is a scame, do students have another choice?

    Well, now a days we see a lot of advertisement in news papers, magazine, and different job agencies about different part time and full time positions. Among all of these advertisements; some companies who advertise their ads on line have a higher chance to be considered as a scam user. Why? Because there is no guarantee that a company like "Vector" who targets students can certainly satisfy them to find a job. I don't think agreeing or disagreeing this question is an option because most of students can't tell whether "Vector" or companies like Vector are fine, but the fact is that most of students don't have any other choice unless to rely on these ads.

  • No, not at all.

    I worked for Vector for several years and, if you have the right personality, you can do very well for them. The base pay in New York was fifteen dollars an hour, and I was hard-pressed to find that sort of hourly wage elsewhere when I was going to college.

  • They want to work.

    No, I do not believe that sales positions with Vector Marketing are simply a scam taking advantage of college students, because no one forces these college students to work for Vector Marketing. Vector Marketing offers a flexible way for college students to earn an income. They can do other things if it is more palatable to them.

  • Not at all

    No, i think that these systems are a way for business to try to advertise and get people to buy their products. They are not doing anything to try to take advantage of the college students here in this country. They are just trying to make more money through ads.

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