• Samsung is free to price things as they deem the market will allow.

    Samsung products are cheaper than Apple products. In most cases, the Samsung product will out-perform the Apple product at a cheaper price. People who complain about the price just are not part of the target market. That is a hard realization, but if someone can't afford a Mercedes, it is not because the Mercedes is too expensive, it is that the person just cannot afford it. Consumerism would tell you to work harder and longer so that you can.

  • Better and better

    Yes, I think that all of the products that samsung makes are quality, and I have a samsung phone right now actually. I think that the keep making better and better products, and that is why they keep going slightly up in price, but you are paying for more programs.

  • Yes, you get the biggest bang for your buck

    Historically, Samsung's products offer twice the functionality of an Apple product for a fraction of the price. Even products that are more or less priced the same as a similar Apple item will tend to give you more options and functionality. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Player (now discontinued) offered a 3MP camera, 32GB storage, and removable battery cover compared to the Apple iTouch, which only came with a far less resolution camera, no removable cover, and no memory expansive slot. Yet for a year or two it often fell below the price of the iTouch. This tends to happen across the board, whether it's phones or tablets, so the answer is yes, Samsung's recent products are definitely worth the price.

  • Other manufacturers are more worth the price.

    Samsung's recent products are not worth the price. They don't seem to be exceptional or last quite that long to justify the price. People will still buy Samsung products because of the name popularity, but I think they are somewhat overpriced. They are good for their intro products, but other manufactures can easily beat them out.

  • No I don't.

    Samsung's products are not really worth the price. They are usually super overpriced and than later break within a month tops. It is just them being greedy and wanting a lot of money for products that are not even very good or worth buying for a low price. It is a terrible company.

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