• The claims are believable

    The claims are believable. This is because women are often victimized violently by men. While some women make false claims that ruin men's lives, someone in the public eye is less likely to make up a story because her entire reputation is at stake. If she is caught lying about, she could ruin her career.

  • Sarah Hyland's Claims of Abuse by Matthew Prokop are Legitimate

    Based on the documentation provided by Sarah Hyland, one would believe her request for a restraining order is for good reason. There are documented texts and voice mails along with confirmation from other individuals stating Prokop was in fact abusive. Even though the specific information about the abuse has not been released, it was enough to get a temporary restraining order. Due to this fact, it is believed her claims are true.

  • Yes, Sarah Hyland seems to be a victim of domestic abuse.

    I certainly believe the accusation of Sarah Hyland's claims that her boyfriend, Matthew Prokop, is unstable and an abuser. Reports also seem to indicate that Julie Bowen, Hylands' Modern Family co-star, was asked by Sarah to accompany her during this break-up because she was in fear of the alleged abuser. While it is shocking and disturbing to hear allegations of abuse, the story still remains the same for the abused, the silence of abuse can always seem out of place when the truth is exposed and you learn they've been experiencing abuse for years.

  • Yes, I believe Sarah Hyland's claims about her boyfriend are true.

    Yes, I believe that Sarah Hyland's claims against her boyfriend about him committing acts of domestic violence are true. She spoke of her injuries that she had received and gave examples of times that he had tried to hurt her. Domestic violence is a very common offence, even among famous people.

  • Hollywood media's fault

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not siding on someone. It's just that words were barely an evidence. Sure for texts and voicemails, but it's not strong enough to prove. In court cases, visuals such as images or videos were presented--and that is how it should also be in Hollywood journalism. Also, if you'd observe the search results regarding this issue, all the articles were only about Sarah's side of story. Where Matt's? Zero. It's shallow that people instantly believe what the media says. It's even heartbreaking when people instantly bash a person without knowing his or her side of story. May it be true or not, domestic violence is a major issue that needs to be addressed, but in this case (with no strong evidence etc) maybe it is right to hear Matt's side or reason before criticizing him.

  • Things don't add up.

    She claimed he would kill the dog, but he is an outspoken animal rights activist. Her lawyer is the same person who has gotten Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Beiber off. In other words the lawyer knows how stretch the truth, which is what good lawyers do. Also he's back in Victoria and is left look after his young nephews and niece as well as pets. If he were that violent, I don't care if he's family, I wouldn't let him near any of those unsupervised. In a nutshell having fame, money can get you a good lawyer who will coach you in what to say and make the other person look bad.

  • 2 sides to every story- I know him

    Isn't it weird that he supposedly choked her in May, yet they went vacationing together afterwards? If someone did that to me & I filed, I don't think I'd wait til MONTHS later- or go on trips together. When media is involved, things aren't always as they seem. Lucky for her public-image, he has kept their issues between them & not the media... That's the respectable thing to do. I would hate to be in a 5-yr relationship/break-up & have my "seemingly perfect girlfriend" image tarnished to the media. I mean, I imagine people/media would be interested to hear his side of the story, but he's stayed out of it. No one is perfect in a relationship, but I think some people enjoy the lime-light a bit too much. Media has made it sound like she was the big deal in their relationship job-wise... & although her sitcom is popular, hasn't it been stated that they met at the High School Musical 3 try-outs... Where he got a part & she didn't. My kids know him from all the Disney movies- Geek Charming, Fury Vengence. He also did other movies, so obviously he wasn't a puppy on a leash with Sarah pulling the way. It just Sounds like a long relationship for 2 young people & once big time TV came around, things changed. Is it possible (maybe?) that once she got to be a big "star," she majorly changed? I think about people in my life who've had a (big) sudden financial change- they changed too when the spotlight was on them. Things were always over-exaggerated bc they know how to get that attention... & sympathy can be a big one. There may have been issues between them, but I cannot personally imagine "suffering a traumatic event where I felt my life was in danger" & then continue on vacations & living with that person. Think about it- would you go on long trip with the person, continue a Romantic relationship, & then a couple of months later decide to "be terrified?" No way! When other circumstances- like a Hollywood Lifestyle- are involved, the way things handled are different as well. Just breaking up is too boring for people these days. Seems like everyone needs to end it in a big, dramatic way & tell the world... Or at least Hollywood. Think about other celebrity break-ups! I've never seen the headline "couple ends relationship over dinner." People need to quit imagining drama. The only ones who know what happens between a couple is the couple... I'm sure her publicists or whoever don't mind the attention, but there's always 2 sides to the story. The media's version doesn't quite count! Just imagine if this guy was your friend... He's still mine :)

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