Do you believe scientists will ever find a cure for deafness?

  • They will eventually develop an artificial ear that is as good.

    I don't think scientists will find a cure for deafness as such, but I believe they will eventually develop artificial ears which will work as well as a normal human ear does. They are already on the way to this, with the development of cochlear implants. They are not quite perfect yet, but they will be.

  • Yes, science will cure deafness.

    I definitely think that science will eventually find a cure for deafness. I think that science is advancing at such an amazing speed that there will be a cure found for the affliction. RIght now, there are various devices that can help the deaf hear better than they were able to before.

  • We are close.

    Yes, I believe that scientists will find a cure for deafness, because they have already made improvements in a great deal of cases. Anymore, a person who is deaf might find success with cochlear implants. Stem cells also prove to be promising. It is likely this will develop to full treatment in the future.

  • I think it's on the way!

    I think that at some point in the next 10 or 20 years, there will indeed be a cure for deafness. I think it will take place with genetic or DNA testing while a child is still in the womb. Doctors will be able to do some basic therapy that will enable them to hear.

  • We are cobtrolled by the government

    They will milk us of our money to support their habits. Only when the income slows down, will a new procedure take place. The cure for cancer was found a good 20 years ago. And all the scientists where on one plane that just happen to get destroyed... Come on.... Open your eyes people. They r even hanging the foods we eat. Now even the healthy cereal is bad for your teeth, 5 years ago you'd have a bowl if cereal and just feel good. Now, it's nothing like that. This sounds like a rant but whatever haha.

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