• yes or no?

    "Not false as it's own religion?" What does that mean. Scientology conflicts with Christianity. They cannot both be true. So, if Christianity is true, this means Scientology must be false. It is a false religion - and beyond false, it is also dangerous as it distracts people from the truth and lures them from God. It is the duty of Christians to fight false religions. Just because they are small does not mean they can be tolerated.New Crusader Apart from a litigious attitude toward public criticism of Scientology, I'm not personally aware of Scientologists as having done anything terrible

  • What they believe

    The only thing that makes something a religion is if people believe in it, and it is their faith. I think this is certainly a religion, because a lot of people are followers of it, and will fight and argue saying that it is the actual truth, and that they are right.

  • Scientology is the true religion

    Science is fake. Your gods are dead. Scientology lives. Since your gods think they are so awesome they die but you are not awesome so you will live that is scientology and if you don't know us then don't talk about us the only people that deserve to say anything are the bishops of the scientology church. All hail the great ____________________.

  • Scientology and the science fiction writer

    Need the title say anymore? This really seems like a case of a brilliant author turning a book into a belief system, a religion, a cult. I wonder if L. Ron Hubbard ever even intended for his work to be taken so literal? Its a shame people are gullible enough to follow some ones words so faithfully that it actually becomes bigger than its true intention, to entertain the mind, not control it.

  • I believe Scientology is a fad.

    I do not believe Scientology is a real religion in any sense of the word. I believe Scientology is primarily a money making venture, requiring it's more affluent members to commit to donating vast sums of money on a regular basis. Scientology has lost many members the last few years because they have become disenchanted.

  • If you want to get rich, start a religion.

    No, I do not believe that Scientology is a real religion, because it was started by a person. True religions are inspired by God, such as God inspired Paul into what later became the Catholic faith. Even says that Scientology was "developed." A religion cannot be developed. It can only be inspired by God.

  • Fame, power, money are less than altruistic goals

    At its center religion--regardless of what kind -- shares the common belief in altruism and a higher calling. Scientology, if you listened to the lates NPR report, clearly shows that the founder of the Scientology church created an institution that would essentially make him filthy rich at the expense of ones freedom. Ironically, an atheist or secularist would claim that religion exists for seeking a kind of metaphysical liberation from the woes and hardships of this life. Sadly, Scientology is rooted on the basis of deception, fraud, intimidation, and aggressive coercion to acquire disciples. In fact. One of the interviews and recollections of a former Scientologgist claims that he experienced incessant harassment after he left the "church." If this is not the infringement of ones liberties, I do not know what is. Why would anyone join a religious institution to be further reminded of the injustice and depravity of man. I think not.

    Posted by: dzbz
  • I believe scientology is a cult

    The author Hubbard was a man failed at many things except the art of the con. This cult's website claims that the term "church" and "religion" are used correctly because the congregation is united in agreement of the "sanctified" message. Just who sanctified the teachings of this group? Certainly not God. Their message is humanistic and not one of love your neighbor. I think the appeal is that their message seems to be that you can control your destiny if you buy in (literally$$$) , are not gay, or suffer from mental illness. You too can be people like us. $$$$ jerks

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