• Empire's are hard to hold together

    The question of secession anywhere in the world will always be very complicated. The first impulse would always be to secede because past injustices would always come into play. The very fact that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom means they were part of an empire. They were neighbors of a state that ruled a good part of the earth for a long time. Compared to ruling India, Scotland was an afterthought. However,the times have changed and Scotland would have to weigh the economic factors against the shaking off of a long time oppressor.

  • If they want to, yes

    I do believe that Scotland should secede from the United Kingdom if they so choose to. This should be up to the citizens of Scotland and no one else. If there's a majority vote, let them have their independence. 800 years of English rule over them is more than enough.

  • If Citizens Support

    I believe if the citizens of Scotland want independence then that should be granted by the United Kingdom. There are several different places in the world where groups are looking to secede from larger governments and I feel this should be allowed when the population supports the change. Larger countries lend themselves to corruption and over reach, smaller countries are more sustainable.

  • Yes, Scotland should secede from the UK

    I believe that Scotland should secede from the United Kingdom. I do not believe that Scotland should stay a part of the United Kingdom. In fact, I do not thnk they ever wanted to be. If the Scottish were to be asked, I bet a lot of them would support the country's secession.

  • No, at heart they are the same people

    Scotland and the rest of Great Britain speak the same
    language. They share most of their
    history and most of their laws. Great kings of England, such as James I, have
    been of Scottish descent. Traditionally, the current queen retreats to her castle
    in Scotland, Balmoral, in August, September, and October, when she wants to
    enjoy private family time. The other citizens of Great Britain appreciate their
    Scottish cousins, and their special character. Yet at heart Scotland and the rest
    of the nation share the same culture and should share the same future.

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