• yes it is

    Yes, I think that this is the force that people have that drives them to greatness and makes them want to be more in their world. I think that it would be a good thing for the world if everyone had a whole lot of self determination, but unfortunately a lot do not.

  • It Is Fundamental

    Self determination is a fundamental right of any nation in the world. No country has the right to dictate what other countries should and should not do, so long as nations are peaceful with their neighbors. That is an ideal, however. Given the state of international financial aid, countries like America, Russia, and China exert a great influence over others.

  • Nations must establish themselves through self determination.

    In order for any nation to become self-sustaining, they must first want it. Nations that do not have an identity cannot have self determination. Nations that rely on foreign aid cannot have self determination. This is arguably why North Korea has never been a dominate force. Without the might of the Chinese, or the food from the UN, North Korea has no motivation to establish itself as a real country.

  • Yes, self-determination is a force for freedom and equality

    The self-determination of peoples is an essential ingredient
    in the search for human freedom and dignity. Institutions like the United
    Nations should make it their business to support people’s struggle for self-determination,
    in whatever peaceful form it appears. To make progress towards true equality, the
    world must free itself of the last vestiges of colonialism, whether political,
    economic ,or based on superior force.

  • Politicians use it.

    No, I do not believe that self-determination is an important force in the international community, because it is a term that politicians use when the rebels are on their side. When we side with the rebels, we say they should have a right to self-determination. When we disagree, they are terrorists and they need to be squashed.

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