• yes Nile river should be allwed to share

    Rivers are natural resource and all natural resources should be allowed to share among the
    inhabitants in that region . There is nothing wrong in that . All the adjacent region , be it
    city , district or county should be allowed at its optimum and definitely not to the extent that it
    results in depletion . water is necessary commodity and nile river is one major river in the region .

  • Yes, I think sharing the Nile River is important.

    The Nile River is a very large and very important river and should be equally accessed by all nations that it runs through, I don't think it would be right for one nation to lay a claim to all of the Nile and restrict the amount of trade and passage on it.

  • Sharing the Nile river equally is important

    It is my opinion that no one group or country should have more control over the Nile river than any other group or country which the river is used by. Each country should have an equal share of the Nile because it is a natural resource that should be used for the benefit of all, and not just the benefit of a select few.

  • Yes, it is.

    The Nile River is a great resource in that area. It should be shared to help everyone in the area live a happier and more well rounded life. Without the access to water a human or even a civilization could lose many lives. The Nile river should be shared equally to help the people.

  • Yes, sharing the Nile River equally is important.

    I think that the ability and agreement to share the Nile River equally is important. Being able to use the Nile River is something that all countries that border it should have right to do. Plus, trying to limit one country over another is only going to cause problems and issues.

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