Do you believe shopping malls have lost popularity because of e-commerce?

  • Yes, shopping malls have lost popularity because of e-commerce.

    Yes, because of e-commerce, shopping malls are not as popular as they once were. E-commerce has made it possible to shop any time for products and has made it very easy to compare products and prices. Although shopping malls will always have a role and will enjoy a certain amount of popularity, they are not as popular as they were in the past.

  • Yes, e-commerce is affecting the popularity of malls

    I agree that in a world where anything and everything is available online, that e-commerce is having an effect on the popularity of malls. Not only is there a wider variety of items available online rather than going to a store, generally prices online are cheaper, or more deals are offered than in a mall. I haven't been shopping in a mall in years now, and don't plan on going back to them for those reasons exactly.

  • Yes, shopping malls have lost customers because they can find products cheaper online.

    Prices in store are generally more expensive than those found online as different sales are ran and promotional codes can easily be entered for discounts. Also, shoppers can comparison shop between stores online to find the best bang for their buck. This can all be done in a few mouse clicks instead of trekking around a crowded, loud mall.

  • No, shopping malls are still a popular means of satisfying demand instantly.

    Shopping malls have not lost popularity due to e-commerce. Despite an upward trend in the popularity of e-commerce, the popularity of malls has not seen an equal decline. Shopping malls provide a means for people to instantly gratify their shopping needs. When an item is needed within the day, e-commerce is rarely an option.

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