• Yes, smart ideas are usually popular

    I think that most ideas that are considered to be smart usually end up being popular. If an idea is smart, it is also most likely practical and helpful to others. This is why I think that in general most smart ideas will end up being popular to most people.

  • Yes, I think smart ideas are more popular.

    Smart ideas are definitely more popular than being unpopular. I think that smart ideas encourages other people to use their creativity and dream of their own ideas. I have seen many instances where a smart idea for a product or art is touted as being brilliant. I think when people makes smart ideas, it helps society to improve.

  • Smart Ideas are Seldom Popular

    Smart ideas are seldom popular ideas, at least not at first. Easy ideas are popular. Smart ideas tend to be complex and require thought and planning. They may require cooperation with someone that people don't care to cooperate with. Smart ideas only get popular when the hard work is already done.

  • Think Outside The Box

    I believe smart ideas are generally unpopular at first because people lack the ability to think outside the box when considering new options. I think a good example of this is the palm pilots or PDA's that were out ten years before cell phones. Looking at the history of the device, you can't deny the fact that it was a good idea, but wow were they unpopular at first.

  • Smart ideas are confounding

    Balking when faced with change is a common malady. Unfortunately, smart ideas deviate from the known and are uncomfortable for many. Change is becoming more acceptable with the technology revolution; however, chain stores and fast food mega-franchises have rocked us into the cradle of complacency with the expected. Smart ideas challenge change. Change challenges consumers. It's a sticky wicket.

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