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  • Social security should not be privatized.

    Privatizing social security would only create gaps and inconsistencies in coverage. It would also mean that, at least in part, social security contributions would be used for profit. Instead, the government should re-structure social security to be more like privatized retirement funds but remain control over its management and distribution.

  • Prevent the abuse.

    I believe social security as well as welfare and other types of help should be organized alot better to prevent false claims. People all over see the woman with her hair done and iPhone with the bling cheetah print case and he kid is behind her looking like a movie theater floor. Prioritize not privatize

  • Just do not trust the private sector

    There are many other options people can use if they want a private company to handle their retirement. Let the government handle social security. We know the government is corrupt also, but some politicians do care about the well being of this country. At least, we can keep track of what the government is doing with our money. We can also see the politicians who are trying to sabotage social security so they will privatize it.

  • No, Privatization of Social Security would be bad for everyone.

    The system currently provides a very basic safety net, which
    is not motivated by profit. Were the profit motive to enter into the
    Social Security system, there would be a large presence of companies,
    with no ethics, looking to transfer as much money as possible to
    themselves, with the entire American population as their captive

  • I can't see that going anywhere good

    I believe we should cut military spending by whatever amount is necessary to make certain that our elderly are taken care of, our homeless have shelter and food, and our sick can go to the doctor anytime they choose. Apparently that makes me a liberal these days. I wish it just made me a decent human being, but apparently the bar for that uses different variables.

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