• We could use the wisdom.

    Yes, I belive that society is ready for life expectancies to reach into the 100s, because we have wonderful medical technologies that allow people to live longer than they ever have before. It would be nice if people lived longer, because we can use the wisdom and insight from the oldest generation to help our society.

  • Yes, society is ready for people who age beyong 100.

    I think that society is definitely ready for the life expectancy of people to reach beyond a hundred years old. I think there have been enough technological advancements and benefits that people can live comfortably beyond a certain age. People who live throughout their 100s would have a comfortable life.

  • Yes, I think we are

    I think through modern medication and science we have pushed the boundaries on the how long we can live. I think we will see either in this generation or the next people living to be 100 or more. I think that is the max we can live to though, it wont be more than that.

  • No, we aren't.

    We are not ready for life expectancies to reach into the 100s. And what's even crazier, is that they are now literally reversing the aging process in mice. We may be living 100s of years soon, not just into our 100s. Our planet cannot sustain us unless we change drastically.

  • No, currently our society is not positioned to care for the elderly.

    With a retirement age of 65, a life expectancy of over 100 would mean that people would spend over 50% of their life unemployed (18-25 years of childhood plus 30+ years as an adult). Our current system simply cannot provide the financial aid and health care to support this. We would need to see drastic improvements in health that would allow us to raise the retirement age in order to do this in a responsible way. It's possible, but we are not currently equipped for this.

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