• Life without air conditioning would be better.

    The quality of a work environment like an office would be much worse to work in. This would return to sweatshop like conditions. That is the bad part. The reaction would be less office jobs, and office buildings. People would generally be thinner, drink more water and less coffee. There would be less pollution due to the energy for air conditioning not being used. Some people would just have to die for a few years due to heat exhaustion. Survival of the fittest.

  • Society is better with air conditioning

    Society is better with air conditioning. There are people out there who cannot resist heat a lot, and need air conditioning for a good portion of the time. For example, I have a rare disorder where I sweat non-stop when the temperature rises above 75 degrees. So in my case, I need air conditioning, unless I am in a cool place.

  • No, society would not be improved if people learned to live without air conditioning

    The existence or non-existence of air conditioning would not have a great impact on society. It is a nicety, not necessary for living, and only improves the comfort level of those fortunate enough to have it in areas with excessively hot weather. Many people in many countries have never been exposed to air conditioning and do just fine without it. Air conditioning does not make people better people.

  • People die from it.

    No, I do not believe society would be better off if we learned to live without air conditioning, because there is no reason that we have to be uncomfortable just so that we don't lose energy. In the hottest days of the summer, people die because there is no air conditioning. We should just have it because it's available.

  • Air conditioning is a valued accomodation

    People do not have any control over outside weather elements. This allows for the use of air conditioners to give people protection over certain heat especially in the home. Air conditioners are important for older people as well who struggle to maintain certain body temperature to stay healthy and live longer.

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