• Gender equality should be equal.

    Because of scared white man syndrome, many things have been done in the work place to ensure that women feel welcome. While I completely understand including things like separate women's bathrooms, I think that is as far as it should go. Things like Affirmative Action hiring practices that demand an "acceptable level" of women be employed within a workforce is unreasonable. I would also contend that if a woman wants to be treated equally among her peer group at work, she should probably not wear revealing clothing. Presenting yourself as a sex object, and then getting upset when you get treated like one is counter-productive.

  • People get too zealous

    People are far too zealous in their pursuit of equality, something that truly hinders things in the workplace. Gender equality, while important, can't really be legislated, and will only lead to people on edge in many cases, killing the moral of the place and ultimately hurting the company and workforce.

  • Affirmative Action Doesn't Help.

    I believe some forms of gender equality in the workplace are unnecessary, because affirmative action can be more detrimental to a women in the workplace than it is helpful. With affirmative action in the work place, employers are trying to be equal, but some people are left to wonder if the women were really the most qualified for their jobs.

  • Equality is, and always has been, a necessary right.

    Equality is necessary in every situation to ensure that people are not treated differently because of their gender in the workplace. It could be debated that equality is not necessary because it can be taken too far and give the minority an advantage; however, this is only because people misinterpret equality as favoring the lesser. For example, if a short and tall person were both trying to see something over a wall, it would be equal if the shorter person were given a box to stand on so that they would be at the same height as the tall person. In this situation, the tall person might feel at a disadvantage because they do not also have a box to stand on, but this is because they do not see things from anything but their own perspective.

  • Gender Equality is Necessary

    Gender equality in the workplace is a laudable goal that needs to be full supported. Men and women must be treated completely equal in the professional world. This helps makes things fair for both genders. In particular, family leave is necessary for both genders so fathers can properly bond with their young children.

  • I believe that all forms of gender equality are neccesary in the workplace.

    Who is to say what is right when it comes to gender equality in the workplace? Just because one person believes that a form of gender equality is unnecessary to maintain because it does not pertain to that individual does not make it right, even if it is socially acceptable. The rule of thumb should be that you should treat everyone with respect no matter what gender they identify with.

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