Do you believe some people have a hard time admitting they are wrong sometimes?

  • Some people will not admit defeat in the face of overwhelming defeat.

    There are people who, when faced with adopting a ridiculous position and claiming that the Chinese are stuffing billions of U.S. dollars into their mattresses and waiting for inflation to hit. He chose to defend that position rather than consider admitting his initial position on trade was mistaken. So there.

  • Yes people don't like to

    I believe this is human nature to not or like to sometimes admit that we are wrong on a variety of issues when we find out the truth about the issue or issues that we are talking about. This may sometimes be a lot for a number of people to change.

  • Yes, I believe that some people have a hard time admitting they're wrong sometimes.

    Yes, I do believe that many people have a difficult time admitting when they have in fact made a mistake or wrong about something no matter how minor or major the mistake may have been. I think a lot of the time it has a lot to do with the person being able to deal with responsibility, The same people who have a hard time admitting when they're wrong are typically the same people who have a hard time adjusting to responsibility. Being able to admit you're wrong is a sign of growing up, adulthood. I can relate to this in some instances when I think about my teenage years and how stubborn I was. I was in fact very unable to admit when I was wrong so yes I do believe some people have this problem.

  • Some people think they are always right.

    I have been in several arguments in my life. Every once in a while I have come across some one who, despite all the evidence stating the contrary, would refuse to admit they were wrong. I thought this was just a flaw with them personally, until one day I found myself standing in their shoes. I was on the losing side of an argument, and all the facts pointed to me being wrong. I realized sometimes, it can be very hard to concede to being wrong, especially when you think your always right!

  • Very Much So

    I do believe some people have a hard time admitting they are wrong sometimes. I also believe people have a hard time accepting the fact that other people won't bend to their beliefs just because they uphold them as true. I believe people need to be more honest, especially with themselves.

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