Do you believe some students should receive free college tuition if they are in temporary living situations and still maintain a 3.0 GPA?

  • They will get somewhere in life

    Even though they had a tough childhood doesn't mean they shouldn't get a job. They might have outstanding abilities and people won't notice that because they have a situation at home. If they go to college and get a job, they can start a family of their own and won't let kids live the way they did. After they get a job they can pay it off

  • Students should be rewarded for educational progress

    Students in higher education schools like colleges should have the opportunity to receive money for maintaining a high level of effort in the classroom. Even students with temporary living conditions to allow them to help their own situations while finishing their degree programs.This Incentive will keep a higher number of students in school overall.

  • It should be free for all.

    Actually, I believe that all students who are capable of going to college should receive free college tuition. The price of attending a university or even a 2 year college in the United States has grown to obscene levels. We can fund tuition free schools for continuing education, and we should.

  • Yes, free tuiition for such students is an investment in the future

    Free tuition for good students in difficult circumstances is a good investment.
    Those students who do well in spite of setbacks should receive all the help
    the state can find a way to offer them. Good grades prove that these students
    are working hard to better themselves. Given a chance, they are likely to
    become productive citizens who will amply repay society for the minimal help
    they have received.

  • All students deserve free tuition.

    All students deserve free tuition; especially those who maintain good grades. There is nothing more important than an education, and there is no more important "resource" than young and knowledgeable people. This is how civilization is driven forward. Let us give them all the chances they possibly can have to succeed. Free tuition is a perfect starting point.

  • They smell like poop

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  • No, students should not receive free tuition, but it should be discounted.

    A student who comes from a temporary living situation who is still able to maintain a 3.0 GPA is very commendable. However, he or she is not nearly commendable enough to warrant free tuition. While temporary living situations do put stress and difficulties on a student, a 3.0 GPA is simply not high enough to deserve free tuition. This point is not intended to negate the assertion that these students deserve some reward for their accomplishments. It is simply so that free tuition is too much. However, reduced tuition, by perhaps 40-60%, may be more appropriate. Perhaps if the student held a 4.0 in their temporary living situation he or she could be deserving of free tuition.

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