• Yes they have

    With all of the countries becoming more and more accepting of other countries, we are seeing a lot of cultures lose a lot of their traditions that they used to use. This is not a bad thing though, and people are beginning to live their lives how they want to.

  • Loss of tradition is the cost of diversity

    Cultural diversity and liberty are traditions that are spread by globalization, but this diversity means that each individual culture will suffer in continuing tradition. However, globalization is more of a reason used by autonomous individuals in those societies than some sort of a cause. The opportunity to do something different from tradition is taken by many, and it is not an improvement to withdraw cultural and economic trade to either side even if traditions suffer.

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  • Yes and no.

    I think that some traditions have been harmed or have disappeared altogether from globalization. I also think that globalization has started to make some local traditions and customs and foods universal. We have Octoberfest and Mardi Gras and Krampusnacht all over the world now. The customs might be changing from globalization, but they are expanding too.

  • Some Traditions Globalized

    I personally think that some traditions have been harmed by globalization but it depends on the person and what they believe in. I personally think that some traditions have been harmed by globalization which it has affected people's traditions as well as their traditions that they normally do. I personally think that some traditions have harmed the globalization pretty bad.

  • No, traditions have not been harmed by globalization.

    Sometimes traditions are built out of the concept that it has always been that way. Sometimes those traditions are helped by further knowledge and technology, which means that the old traditions become useless and a new way of doing things is developed because of globalization. Having the worlds knowledge at your finger tips can never be a bad thing.

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