• Yes, I believe sports are as important as Americans make them out to be.

    Sports are a big industry in America and have a massive fan base around them, every community is effected by local to national sports in one way or another so I do think that sports are a very big deal in America, I think that it will only continue to get bigger and bigger as new leagues form.

  • Sports are not as important

    I have nothing against sports at all; in fact, I like them! However, I do not feel as if sports are as important as Americans make them out to be. The hype has gone way overboard. People spend millions of dollars on them, and It's so unnecessary. There are so many other ways we can spend our money in this economy.

  • Sports nothhing more than a distraction.

    There are many problems facing Americans. Our economy is suffering, our government is constantly deadlocked due to a dueling two party system, and we have many social issues that we are nowhere near answering. Instead of facing these problems and doing something more to work towards solutions, most Americans would rather be distracted. Their favorite distraction is sports.

  • Americal oversells everything

    While sports are important to make your worries disappear for a few hours. There is many things more important than sports. Most people have a lot bigger problems than worrying about if the Lakers won that night. The reason sports are considered so important is how much revenue these professional organizations bring in. They are also good for keeping kids out of trouble and teaching them teamwork.

  • No, sports are not as important as Americans think they are.

    I do not believe that sports are as important as Americans make them out to be. I think that while I'm a big fan of sports and think they're good for the country, they are not something that are as important as education, etc. I think some people are just too obsessed with it.

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