• Yes, I believe standardized tests could root out bad teachers over a few years.

    I believe eventually standardized tests could pinpoint teachers that were not able to make their students learn fundamental concepts that are required to succeed on the standardized tests, eventually it would become clear when on every standardized test the same teachers kids failed every year and it would help administration be able to deal with teachers like that.

  • Hold the Teachers responsible

    If the scores keep coming back with negative scores from one teachers class and not all the others from the school then it would be safe to assume that that teacher is either not a good teacher or not carrying their weight. It would be hard for the teacher do deny the results if no one else in the school was getting bad marks except for them.

  • It will allow more comparision with other teachers.

    Yes. At the moment, it is difficult to assess the performance of individual teachers, as there are so many different subjects and syllabuses taught. Once you have standardized tests, you can compare a teachers performance against their peers in other schools across the nation, so teachers that are failing their pupils will become more obvious.

  • Yes, standardized tests can reveal bad teachers.

    I definitely think that standardized test could reveal bad teachers over a couple years. While teachers shouldn't always be blamed for the test results of some students, if there is a trend to the grades of various students who were taught by a certain teach prove to be a failure, then it can be determined that the teachers is a problem.

  • Too much emphasis.

    There is too much emphasis on testing in our schools today. Teachers spend more and more time on tests, and do not have actual time to teach. Also, students today are coming in to school with many more problems stemming from home (divorce, abuse, neglect, hunger, no support, and more).

  • You don't need tests

    Just because students don't do well on standardized tests doesn't necessarily mean the teacher is bad, and just because the standardized tests are good doesn't necessarily make the teacher good. There needs to be a different standard on judging how schools are performing rather than these standardized tests, which should not be a barometer for real education.

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