Do you believe store employees should say 'Merry Christmas' (yes) or 'Happy Holiday' (no) during the month of December?

  • Free to say what they want

    I think store employees should be free to say what they want. If that is Merry Christmas then there is no harm in that. If it is happy holidays then so be it. We should not be that sensitive that someone wishing us something happy offends us. Maybe I celebrate no holiday at that time so why would happy holidays make it any better?

  • Yes, employees should say Merry Christmas.

    I think that store employees should stay Merry Christmas during the month of December. I think that idea that store employees start saying Happy Holiday is one that is based on political correctness. I do not support that everything should be so politically correct. I think people should keep the tradition of saying Merry Christmas.

  • It's not a Christian nation

    Though it's so ingrained in American culture that nobody will likely actually be offended by the statement Merry Christmas unless they intended to cause a fuss, it is in an employee's best interest to use the phrase Happy Holidays as it is an all inclusive statement for a nation governed by no one religion.

  • Happy Holiday would be more appropriate.

    Our country has become very diverse. We have people of all nationalities, ethnicities and religious beliefs throughout every city. Years ago, nearly everyone we came in contact with at Christmas celebrated it as we did and wishing a "Merry Christmas" was completely acceptable. Now, I believe "Happy Holiday" would be the correct and acceptable wish due to our diverse population.

  • It really does not bother me

    In fact, I could care less what people say to me. What ever floats their boat. I do not know why this is such a big issue. Religious people can say, "Merry Christmas." Non religious people can say, "Happy Holidays." Why is it not an attack on people's freedoms, when religious people force non religious people to say such things? That is because non religious people could care less.

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