Do you believe stories are ruined when articial happy endings are added to them?

  • Both have their place and takeaways.

    Watching a movie like Jo-Jo Rabbit, The ending is less of a happy ending and more of a hopeful ending. That the worst is over. Yet it does not rob the characters of the horror and trauma they've suffered.

    I believe a hopeful ending is better than an ending where the characters get absolutely everything they want or need. Disney has unfortunately given many children unrealistic expectations of the world around them. But some stories don't end that way. Look at Anne Frank or Martin Luther King Jr's lives. But we can still learn great things from these people.

    Hope. Hope is what matters.

  • Yes I strongly believe that if a story has a happy ending they are ruined

    I think that stories have to be tragic and that is the thing that makes a story interesting and this will help you read the next series of the book. Happy endings just ruins the story. If a story will have a happy ending then what is the point of reading that book There is no build up of tension! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’―πŸ™πŸ»πŸ»β€οΈ

  • Artistic integrity is important

    I like a happy ending as much as anyone, But if you add something to a story that doesn't belong, It shows. And some stories need a sad ending.
    When I was a teenager, My Mom made me read 1984. The ending horrified me, And I was really upset by it, And I seriously doubt I'll want to re-read that book - but I think I learned something from reading it, Nonetheless. The purpose of 1984 is to show the true horror of life in a totalitarian state, And if it had a happy ending, It would have failed in that purpose. George Orwell wanted the book to serve as a warning, So we'd be less likely to create 1984 in reality.
    Art is about exploring ideas and experiences, And some of those are bad and upsetting and leave you feeling unhappy when you've finished consuming that piece. But it gives your mind practice facing those things in a low-stakes situation, And it sparks thoughts.
    Because of 1984, I am more aware of the dangers of propoganda, For example. And I've faced what is essentially my worst fear - losing my sense of self to an oppressive authority - in a context where I was ultimately completely safe and in control. (As opposed to when I developed that fear in elementary school while arguing with teachers, Which was very much not a safe environment that I was in control of! )
    As an author, I have written stories with unhappy endings. I wrote them that way because that felt like how the story should end, And it wouldn't work if it had a happy ending. My Dad recently wrote a story that ended with a very sympathetic character being made destitute and forced into prostitution. That story, Too, Needed that tragic ending, Because the point of the story is to show the horrors of capitalism and how the game is rigged against the ordinary people. He needed to show that ultimately, She didn't stand a chance, And she never had.

  • Realism is important in film and happy endings are illogical and uncreative.

    The most common reason for a happy ending in a film is a fear of commercial success without the happy ending. Often, happy endings kill any real statement the film is trying to make and diminishes the director's voice. Romantic comedies are truly commercial films and have no real intention of making serious social commentary, whereas important films are trying to express or say something about the real world, and in the real world, things never end the way they do in Hollywood films. Even if things go well, there is no happily even after, a new problem always arises and henceforth happy endings are unrealistic and uninspiring. People shouldn't watch film to seek hope.

  • Yes, but we have to see them as entertainment.

    It does seem that stories, such as novels and movies, often end with a happy ending. This can be seen, for example, with Disney movies, where the prince and princess live happily ever after in a castle somewhere. This can give people an inaccurate view of various life issues, including that love takes work from both people. That being said, what can we expect from books and movies? No one would go to see them if they ended with real-life endings. While I think this makes them unrealistic and ruined in that way, people view them as a means of escape.

  • Yes, artificial happy endings ruin some stories

    I think that some stories are ruined by artificial happy endings. I
    have watch a lot of movies that were good up until the ending where a
    sappy ending was used. I think that filmmakers these days should take
    more risks and end film with a more natural solution. I think fans of
    films would appreciate it more.

  • Only if they are artificial

    Every story must have a logical ending that follows what preceded it, and sometimes everything is not leading up to a happy ending. If a happy ending is artificial and tacked on, then it will not logically progress from where the story was going and will definitely feel out of place.

  • Yes, artificial happy endings ruin some stories.

    I think that some stories are ruined by artificial happy endings. I have watch a lot of movies that were good up until the ending where a sappy ending was used. I think that filmmakers these days should take more risks and end film with a more natural solution. I think fans of films would appreciate it more.

  • Ban sad endings forever

    For crying out loud, I thought it was 2020. Why are sad endings STILL allowed to exist AT ALL? Let alone in kids shows! That's ridiculous! People disagree with me on this, But they're in denial. When someone says not all stories have happy endings, I just say it's high time they did.

    Think about it. A world with only happy endings. Future generations would thank us. So change all the endings to happy already! We'd all be a lot happier. What more does it take?

  • Most times, NO.

    There's a difference between fiction and reality. Fiction is meant to provide an escape from the real world. Anne Frank's diary isn't fiction. It's a true historical account.

    And yes, I know there are places in fiction where unhappy endings belong. But not in all the places they're used. They don't belong in children's stories for instance.

  • Not a chance.

    No one likes sad endings. Burn them to the ground already! The day will inevitably come when all sad endings in the world are replaced by happy ones. All it takes is for a critical mass of people to realize that sad endings aren't worth keeping and need to be disposed of.

  • Enough is enoguh!

    What can I say that hasn't already been said? Tragic endings need to be completely, COMPLETELY destroyed! No one likes them. No one has ever liked them. And no one will ever like them! They stink to high heaven! They have no reason to go on living! Censor them all to happy already!

  • Sad endings are THE DEVIL!

    DESTROY SAD ENDINGS! THEY HAVE NO REASON TO LIVE! THEIR DESTRUCTION IS MILLLENNNIA OVERDUUUUUE! Irgrhg8igh89 rt8dyhet89 et89e 8e yt89d4e t89ew t8ew 894ew 894ew ty dr89ewt yhdr894et y894et yty89et ydr894e tyht8 ytydr89ew yhr894ew ty89rew tyty89rew tyr89ew ty89re ty80re tydr89e ty89re 89re 89re ty89rew tydr80ewt y89ew4t yt8 ytyt80 ydrewt89 yht89 yy80 7

  • Can you honestly say you've never been disappointed by a sad ending?

    Let's all just face the facts already. No one likes sad endings! Whether you deny it or not, You like happy endings better. So does everyone else on the planet. All sad endings should be replaced by happy ones. No exceptions. So let's all do each other a huge favor and embrace our love of happy endings.

  • They're just doing their moral duty.

    Only a smart few of us understand that sad endings have no rightful place in the world and are overdue for total annihilation. Think about it. A world with only happy endings. Future generations would thank us. No one likes sad endings. No one. So quit pretending and embrace this fact!

  • Sad endings are universally hated.

    What is wrong with you people? How could anybody possibly like a sad ending? As far as I can tell, It simply isn't possible. They suck.

    I'm not saying happy endings should be artificial. They should at least try to be realistic. But sad ones are overdue for total destruction!

  • Death to sad endings!

    Sad endi ngs are in desparate need of TOTAL ABOLITION! Only happy endings should ever, EVER be allowed to exist. No one like ssad endings kill them once and for all and forever! That's the only way anyone will ever be happy. DESTROY ALL SAD ENDINGS! NO EXCEPTIONS IN THE WORLD!

  • Sad endings stink

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