• I have a tutor now and I'm doing much better.

    Now that I have a tutor I have more time in the day for work and more one on one help. With a tutor you can learn more and have more fun doing the work and your kept from slacking off. I dropped Spanish for a study hall with my tutor and now i can have him help me on my homework rather than sitting in a depressing math room and daydreaming about one direction while I'm suppose to be learning about geometry and algebra. Just because it works for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone but I would recommend giving it a try.

  • Students should seek help to get grades up.

    Students in the United States should seek the help of tutors more often. This is because many of them need help in getting their grades up. Tutoring is often a free service in schools, especially colleges. Getting this kind of help would be beneficial for the mind as well as the pocket.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe students in the United States should seek the help of tutors more often, but this usually requires support from the schools as well. People with low-incomes can't afford a tutor and their children may be the children that need the services the most. Public schools need to offer free tutoring for those that need it.

  • Yes, students should take advantage of tutors if they are available.

    Yes, students in the U.S. should take advantage of tutoring services if they are available. In the United States, competition for jobs is extremely high, so getting a high-quality education and doing well in school are essential to succeed in the job market. If a student is struggling in a certain area, they should seek the help of a tutor in order to improve and to stay competitive in their future occupational field.

  • Yes they should

    Yes they should to help themselves become the best that they can be and to be able to push themselves above and beyond the minimum that they are performing at. The smartest people you see getting tutored are the ones who are striving to become better at the subjects that are their biggest problems.

  • Yes, more students should use tutors.

    I think that more students should resort to getting help from tutors. I think that tutors can really help and benefit a lot of students who are interested in advancing their learning beyond what they can learn in the classroom. And those who have trouble keep up with their fellow students will definitely benefit from tutors.

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