Do you believe stunts like Rupert Murdoch's attempted control of British media should be stopped?

  • Yes, a media monopoly works against freedom

    A free media is the essence of a free country. People must
    be allowed to see and hear the full spectrum of political and social views so
    they can form their opinions for themselves. When one person controls the news
    he controls public opinion. Rupert Murdoch has earned his money and power, but that
    does not give him the right to overwhelm the time honored mechanisms of liberty
    and make his own views our king.

  • Any Monopoly is a bad Monopoly.

    Rupert Murdoch controls most of the "free world"'s media. If he wants something to remain out of the press, it will remain out of the press for the most part. 30% of the world's citizenry that watch a news show will be completely blind to whatever issue he wants to silence. Even more would never hear of it because they get their news second hand. Rupert Murdoch's attempt at full control of media is the same as a Tyranny. Information is power, and when you control the information, you control the power.

  • Yes I do.

    I do believe stunts like Rupert Murdoch's attempted control of British media should be stopped. No stunts like that should be allowed to pass as that gives way too much control to one person or a small group. It is better for the population on a whole if these stunts are stopped.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe stunts like Rupert Murdoch's attempted control of British media should be stopped. Freedom of the media is a corner stone to an open and free society. When countries or people try to stop that freedom they hold too much power over the daily lives of the people who are influenced by what media presents them.

  • I believe no one should have absolute control over the media.

    It is a monopoly on public opinion. One person should not be allowed or even tempted to exert too much control over the public opinion. The person could be tempted to use that power to protect public opinion on his own behalf or subject others to change their opinion on his personal whims. Like businesses, there should be a balance of thoughts, ideas and focus on specific stories. It is more likely to be objective reporting if no one person has control over peoples' pay checks.

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