• Yes, Germany is a strong country.

    Germany is one of the strongest, most stable democracies in the world. Despite being only about 70 years away from WWII and 25 away from the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany is wealthier and more powerful than most European countries, and the population has one of the highest standards of living and longest life expectancies in the world. The German economy almost single-handedly propped up Greece, Spain and Portugal through their fiscal crises and serves as the underpinning of EU fiscal policy.

  • German reunification has been successful

    I believe that German reunification has been largely successful. The current prime minister Angela Merkel is from the former East Germany. Also great economic strides have been made in the former East Germany. Not everything is equal between the two halves yet, but amazing progress has been made over the past two decades.

  • Germany was divided for a long time.

    Germany was divided for a long time. It will take a long time for them to become like they used to be but they are making great progress. The wall being torn down was the first major step. All of Germany wanted that and it can be seen when watching it on tv.

  • Yes success has been reached.

    I believe that success has been reached in terms of German unification. The unification may not be complete but there have definitely been successes along the way. A task does not have to be completed to be considered successful as along as things are progressing and moving forward for the better.

  • Yes, German unification is a success.

    I definitely think that success has been reach in terms of German unification. I think that while it may have seem kind of troublesome decades ago, in this day and age, it's hard to argue that the Germans unification isn't a success. I think that the government and the people have all made it possible.

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