Do you believe sugary drinks should be limited by the federal government?

  • 180 million dollars on medical cost for obesity

    Americans today are drinking and consuming large amounts of healthy food and people who act like not many are doing this are wrong because a study shows 2/3 adults are obese and limiting the size of sugary drinks could potentially save lives from heart failure and diabetes and other issues. Sure people could just keep buying drinks but at the same time they may not because they don’t feel obligated to finish a large 16 oz drink they buy but can't finish but instead a much smaller drinks allowing them to finish it and quench their thirst.

  • Limit Sugary Drinks!

    This is because for one we all know that too much sugar can be a bad thing for you. If the government goes ahead and limits the sugary drinks out there, then we do not have to worry too much about the health of young children, since these are the main people who have sugary drinks. Even if the do not limit the drinks, as long as the parents limit their kids on how many they can drink, this can help children become more healthy and also be more active since they will not be too tired from all of the sugar drinks they had.

  • Childhood Obesity at an All Time High

    Sugary drinks, as well as candy, are one of the main factors affecting childhood obesity. 3 million children are considered obese by doctors, ranking the United States as one of the highest populations of obese children in the world. Obesity is one of the leading causes of many forms of cancer, as well as heart diseases, high blood pressure, and depression. Children who identify themselves as obese also rate a quality of life on par to children who have cancer. The United States have attempted many solutions to limit, and even prevent childhood obesity, yet the number of children who are obese continue to rise each year. If parents and schools can not come up with a solution to prevent childhood obesity, maybe we should let the government help give us a bump in the right direction, starting with the limitation of the sizes of sugary drinks. And if it proves to be effective, the government can not only share its success to other countries, but it can also continue to push for stronger restrictions until we could prevent childhood obesity in the world.

  • Yes the Government should limit the size of sugary drinks.

    The nation spends an estimated amount of $190 billion a year for treating Obesity related health condition such as, diabetes,cancer and heart condition. The term “soft drink” refers to beverages with added sugar of sweetener, including soda,fruit punch,lemonade, other sweetened powdered drinks, and sports and energy drinks. From 1989-2008, calories consumed in the form of sugary beverages increased by 60% in the children ages 6-11, and the percentage of children consuming them a major increased from 79% to 91%.For example, even though a Red Bull contains less sugar than a Starbucks Grande Caffe Latte Mocha, it's 155% sweeter per fluid ounce (even though a Red Bull is about half as big). On the other hand, if you're getting your caffeine kick from a Rockstar energy drink, it may help to know it's 118% sweeter than a Red Bull. The Screamin Energy Max Hit, which is 9 grams of sugar packed into every 0.6 fluid ounces. That makes it 386% sweeter than Mountain Dew, the sweetest drink.

  • Health is important

    Drinks have so much sugar in them its not just causing obesity but also causing health problems heart atacks are a threat to people that way a high amount the goverment would just be saving deaths of many people this would help america life th4e world a dog helps too

  • Why haven't they done so already

    The sugar consume by us all after entering your body turns into fat which add to one getting over weight. Sugar also used abundantly can cause your liver to start resisting insulin and it also leads to type 2 diabetes. They are already guiding us on what to eat and they have many restaurants and food sources that have to state what is in their menus and product/s

  • Fatty boom boom

    Or jacked as hell? ! Come on really the government has to treat idiots as their children this should limit unhealthy foods. The USA is the fattest and laziest nation on Earth. Someone needs to step in. It will happen one day in the future whether fatties like it or not.

  • Goodbye Sugary Drinks

    I believe that sugary drinks should be limited by the federal government. Obesity is at an all time high, but I am not saying that the cause of obesity is sugary drinks, but it definitely has something to do with it. Junk food, sugary drinks, and no exercise make it really hard for your body to function properly. I, personally, only drink sodas on occasion because I know that sodas in large quantities are no good for your body. The federal government should put a limit on sugary drinks in hopes of lowering the obesity level in the United States.

  • What they waiting on!

    In a way, I feel they shouldn't because they cant tell people how to live their lives on what they want to eat or drink. But on the other hand, I do feel that people are gaining weight slowly and is basically killing their selves from sugar. Even though they already put serving sizes and how much you are supposed to eat, I feel that since they have so much control they should just put the exact correct amount that a person is supposed to have a day or whatever and just call it a day. And if he/she is not happy with the amount that was provided in the can or bottle than that his or her choice to go and get more. That's how I feel.

  • What are they waiting on!!

    In a way, i feel they shouldn't be telling people how to live their lives. But on the other hand, I do feel that they should because people are slowly gaining weight and basically killing their selves with sugar. Even though they have serving amounts on product and how much we should eat or drink, you can't even trust those sometimes. I feel that the smart thing the government should do is go ahead and put the exact amount in the can one person should have in a day or whatever and then if he/she wants more than that's their choice. That's how i feel

  • Yes people suck

    We have the right to choose what we want and we have our rights.So i disagree with the yes people cause they are dumb cause i bet they drink/like soda like we do to.So ya i disagree with the yes people.We have our rights people we will win this war!!!!!!

  • Do not regulate

    I think it is sad that we as Americans look to our government to tell us what we should or should not put in our bodies. If we have become that dependent it is only a matter of time until we lose our personal agency. A way philosophers test ideas is to push them to their ultimate end and see if it is exceptionable. To me the ultimate end is not choosing anything for yourself.

  • Lets Force Everyone Because Some Can't Moderate Themselves!

    Yes, Sugary drinks cause obesity. You know what else causes obesity? Eating tons of candy, Eating a loaf of bread a day, If i eat 10 boxes of cheez-its a day, I'll be fat in no time. So how is it even a question that any limit should be set? If a person can not moderate his or her self, they will become fat. There is nothing a government regulation can do about it. Forcing smaller packages will not stop people from being fat. Kids might not have sugary drinks in school but they will indulge as soon as they get home or even to a friend's house. Personal responsibility is the only solution. Regulation will not work. It is only a silly wishful solution in which we would just be passing off the blame. There is so many fat people so lets ban their drinks. They will just find something else and still be fat. Lets use our brains and not be dependent on society.

  • Sugary Drinks Limited

    I personally think that sugary drinks should be limited by the federal government because of the majority obesity in the world. I personally think that sugary drinks should be limited by the federal government because it causes cavities for many individuals and affected the sugary drinks in the long run.

  • Sugary drinks should be limited by the individual

    Sugary drinks should solely be limited by the individual. Just like smoking should be reduced and completely cut off by the individual, so should sugary drinks. We cannot have the government interfering with what we eat or do all the time. I believe people need to practice self-control and resist a lot of food temptations that are around, except for children. The government should try and prevent sugary drinks from being in public schools.

  • Do not limit sugary drinks.

    I think a better idea would be to have healthier foods more readily available, encourage society to be more active, and teach children about moderation from a young age. If someone wants a big sugary drink, they'll get it. They just need to buy two if government were to ban size.

  • This is not an issue in any other countries.

    I drink milk, water, unsweetened tea and your occasional sweet tea. Why because it's my choice to not consume too many "sugary drinks". If the government limits it, it won't affect me at first. I can see additional additives and other products in the market that will replace this, so why limit anything that can be limited by an individual.


    PEOPLE HAVE THEIR own rights they choose what they want, when they want it,and how they want it if you want soda the drink soda its like say they should limit the amount of caffeine they put in coffee and some people like to party and some people like kool-aid like me and if i want my kool-aid i want sugar in it

  • Nope, not needed

    Yes, sugary drinks are unhealthy and can cause obesity of someone has too much. But how is it even a question that any limit should be set? If a person can not moderate themself, they will have to face the consequences for not controlling their intake of these drinks. There is nothing a government regulation can do about it. Forcing smaller packages will not stop people from finding a way around it. Trying to stop people from drinking or eating too much sugar by taking away sugary drinks will do nothing to improve the situation. There are large drinks that are available in many places like fast food restaurants. When people buy one of these drinks, it is their responsibility to take care of themselves. It is their decision whether or not they want the risk. How would the government apply such a law? Anyone can buy two small bottles of soda to replace one larger bottle! In theory this law could be a good idea, but it is not practical. The government does have a duty to protect and care for the citizens, but it cannot control their choices and spoon-feed them the whole way.
    People should have the responsibility to limit themselves and be able to set a limit for themself.

  • Tax is not required

    If sugary drinks are a problem because of obesity, people need to be responsible and take action for their weight. Just because people need encouragement to stop drinking sugary drinks doesn't mean it should be taxed. It is true that the government will obtain more money ,but if they tax less people will drink the beverages therefore companies will get less money, making people lose jobs.

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