• I believe that suicide bomber will attack the United States again.

    I believe that suicide bomber will attack the United States again. The war on terror is not over and there is still plenty of radical Muslim extremists who barter anti-American sentiment and are recruited by Islamic terrorist organizations for the purposed of making a terrorist attack against the United States. With the wave of disagreement between the U.S. and Middle Eastern countries, it is very probable that Muslim extremists will use suicide bombings to terrorize the United States.

  • The USA will be attacked again.

    We have made many enemies and our actions continue to make more enemies. Much of the world still operates on kin, clan and feud. People living by that code do not care what our rationalizations are or how noble we think we are. All they care about is that we have hurt them and their kin. They will attack. Just like the Hatfields and the McCoys, the feuds will not end until all those involved are sick of the bloodshed and loss or one side or the other is completely destroyed..

  • Suicide bombers will attack the US again

    It is my opinion that in some distant future there will be another suicide bomber attack in the United States. The religious groups and terrorist groups that attacked the United States in the past have not been completely dissipated, and therefore the possibility of a future attack cannot be ruled out.

  • Yes, I think suicide bombers will attack the United States again.

    As long as there are extremist groups posed against the United States then the United States is under the constant threat of a future terrorist attack, suicide bombers are much more undetectable then many other forms of attacks these groups can launch since all they need is someone to get inside the country.

  • Unfortunately I do.

    I am somebody who loves the United States, and it pains me to say it… But unfortunately I do believe that there will be another attack on the US done by Muslims. My evidence supporting me of this is firstly the ISIS; they have beheaded more than 2 Americans now. There have also been cases such as 9/11 and the Boston bombing. Quite frankly these horrific acts are only foreshadowing a possible event. However, I hope nothing happens.

  • Of course idiots!

    Barbarians worshiping imaginary deities in the name of Allah just want to kill. It is what it is preached and written in the Quran.
    They just like killing. They are even killing fellow Muslims without any hesitation.
    There are areas of the USA that have large populations of immigrants from Somalia. These people have already been planning since the first foot they stepped on our land. Read/Listen/Watch the reports on the ones that have returned to fight and made the news.

  • No. . . Off course not

    Terrorists are a bunch of school dropouts that don't know how to make a bomb. Bin Laden was using bombs sent by BUSH to Iraq. It was just stolen firepower. They don't have the skills, Bunch of noobs. I once went to those countries and they can't even use wikipedia.

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