Do you believe tablets, cell phones and laptops have killed desktop computer sales?

  • Consumers today want to be able to take their entertainment on the go.

    Speaking from personal experience, I believe that desktop computers are a dying breed. When the time came to replace my desktop a few years ago, I decided to go with a laptop and tablet because it satisfied all of my computing needs and the portability aspect is much better than having to sit at a desk to work.

  • Of Course They Have

    My cell phone does more than my last desk top computer did so I think it's pretty obvious why desktop sales have decreased. Those were big machines to compared to what is available. I believe people still use desktops for various reasons and of course they'll always have their place in computer labs. They're not going to die, they're just not as popular now that there are more options.

  • No but big industry is trying to make it that way.

    Big industry since the end of the Bush era have been pushing REAL hard to herd people into smart phones for several reasons which is why Microsoft did the Windows 8 fiasco as a *Me too!* to Android in order to get people to use Windows Phone more.

    On a smart phone
    1: It is harder to *pirate* software as smart phones everything is locked down on the cloud which is also why the trend has been to put everything on the *cloud* such as Google Drive.

    2. It is easier to control content which will be politically correct news what the government democrats want you to hear to please their higher masters.

    3: Greed: Big corporations can and do charge you thru the nose for every little thing you do on a smart phone which is why a lot of sites are subscriptions only.

    Newspapers started to buck to the trend since a lot of people read the mobile/tablet version.

    BTW: The question no longer applies to tablets and laptops. Those sales are also dying due to smart phones.

    Sadly though the big business *controllers* think they are the good guys so there is no installing sense into them except thru blood loss when people have had enough being jerked around

    Freedom isn't free! Our forefathers paid a high price to ensure freedoms of America and knew that our freedoms are not guaranteed if people are not willing to fight for them.

  • We need those too.

    No, I do believe that tablets, cell phones, and lap tops have killed desktop computer sales, because we still have need for desktop computers. Desktop computers are the most important in business. When a person has a formal office, it is the most cost effective to have desktop computers, not to mention they are harder for employees to steal.

  • They are still not computers

    No, I do not believe that tablets, cell phones, and laptops have killed desktop computer sales. I think that the sale of these other items have slowed the sales of desktops, but they are not completely obsolete. People still buy desktops for family use while these other items mention are used for personal use.

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