• Virtual Keyboards, Voice Recognition Advance Computers

    Virtual keyboards and voice recognition software will eventually obviate keyboards currently found on laptops. Just as laptop sales have out-done desktops, the same will happen with regards to tablets out-pacing laptops. It is only a matter of time as younger generations get used to new technology in computing. In 20 years, the next generation of computers will out-sell tablets.

  • Laptops are here to stay

    No I don't think tablets will replace laptops. At least not anytime soon. I find typing on a laptop much easier than on a small tablet. Laptops are becoming lighter and smaller and more convenient to carry around. They are also much more user friendly for business and using creative programs.

  • Laptops are the most convenient.

    No, I do not believe that tablets will replace laptops, because laptops are still easier than tablets. A tablet is hard to type on. A laptop can go everywhere. A laptop is easier to print from. Laptops have more software capabilities. Laptops will still be around for a while, because we can do more things with them.

  • Always Have Both

    I do not believe tablets will replace laptops. I believe both a viable products and people will find uses for both of them in the future. Laptops have more power, more storage capability, and run off different operating systems than tablets. Tablets are for the casual user or the user on the go. They both have their place in the market.

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