• Yes, it is Tasteless but Entertaining

    Celebrity culture in the United States expands with each new iteration of technology. More and more celebrities (and those who lust for fame) are seeking out ways to draw in an audience who will support their careers and endeavors. However, the price of drawing in an audience is that those who desire fame have to expose parts of their lifestyle to their fans. Tabloid gossip is one of the ways in which the famous are able to measure their relevance and the more overblown and ridiculous the rumor, the more "relevance" celebrities and wannabes have to draw on for their ambitions. As a result, tabloid gossip has become more and more tailored to attracting the attention of a wide audience, developing wild rumors and outlandish stories that no one genuinely leads credence to but that are enjoyable because of the fact that tabloids are creatures of profit and relevance as well. A tabloid outlet that can consistently hold the attention of their audience is a successful tabloid. While this gossip is usually baseless and tasteless, it is within American culture (and perhaps even human nature!) to secretly enjoy peering into the lives of those who have wealth and fame.

  • Yes, I believe tabloid gossip is entertaining.

    While I don't take any of it seriously sometimes it is fun to be able to read about a celebrities lifestyle and activities. I think it's very interesting how that entire segement of society leads a completely different style of life then the average American and I think it's sometimes very facinaiting to read about.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not find any of the tabloid gossip that is in the world today entertaining at all. I think that it is just a bunch of people throwing out a bunch of dumb rumors about the celebs of today, and that it is not helping out the world.

  • Tabloid gossip just makes people look stupid

    Gossip is dumb and hurtful. Any form of gossip should not be and is not entertaining, at least not to me. Gossip takes an ordinary embarrassing situation and turns it into a humiliating life-scarring mess. That's just regular gossip. Tabloid gossip takes it one step further. Tabloid gossip digs into the privacy of peoples' lives, people like celebrities and pro athletes, people who would rather not have cameras pointed at them as they water their gardens in broad daylight. So, I find tabloid gossip to be even less entertaining. Again, this is based on my opinion that anything as hurtful and humiliating as that is not entertaining.

  • Tabloids are Annoying

    Tabloid gossip is annoying and the paparazzi are overzealous minions of the anti-Christ. We don't need photographers following celebrities around for days, weeks and months on end. To get the best celebrity gossip, all we have to do is follow celebrities on Twitter and Facebook. Suddenly, those high-paying pictures found on the covers of magazines aren't worth so much anymore if people would rather see Kim Kardashian's naked butt on her Instagram account.

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