• Yes, the teachers are in charge.

    Too many students disregard their teachers and positively bully them. It has gotten so out of hand the teachers are little more than glorified babysitters. This is because the students have been given too many rights at the expense of the rights of the teacher. Even 5 year old's have cell phones now. Society has become so self absorbed they don't engage in school and the teachers need the authority to make them

  • Teachers are adults and have more rights.

    There is no reason to give students rights any more importance than teachers rights. Rights are rights. They should compliment each other between the students and the teachers. Students are under 18, not adults, and thus are treated as people who are unable to make adult decisions. That is the largest argument, that students are not considered adults. The teachers are their guardians for the time that they are at school, so their rights are more substantial. Overall, the teachers should have the power to control a classroom in order to facilitate the learning process. If a student does something to disrupt the learning process, they have violated the rights of the other students right to learn and the teachers right to teach. This is why students have less rights.

  • Students need more rights

    The teachers are way too bossy now a days the teachers get to do whatever they want in school but we students can not ok I feel that students should be able to make their own choices in schools I believe that everyone should be equal and of course students should have more rights

  • Students need more rights

    Yes I think that we should have to allow students to have more rights ok and yes they should have to allow students to have more rights too by the way ok and they should have to allow students to have more rights students rights are more important than teachers rights

  • Students need more rights

    I Think We Students Should a bit more rights because Teachers think they can just get in our business but we can't i think that teachers can't look at students work and students can't look at the teachers business
    and thats why students should have more rights Like if you agree

  • Teachers or Students?

    AS a student, i think we.Should.Have.More.Rights.Than.Teachers. Teachers.Are.Paid.To.Do.Their.Job and in.A.Way.Students.Pay.Teachers so we are like the bosses. Teachers should allow us to hand in things, write tests and exams when we want and when we decide to. If we miss a day of school, its their obligation to help us catch it up not lecture us on catching it up by ourselves and questioning our absence and asking for doctors letters!!! We should decide as responsible teens what the best times for certain things are like for example when for me, my school starts at 7.30 so i have to start getting ready at 4.30 and meet my school bus at an location 5.45 where we go to several other locations to ick up others and becuase of other doing other activities after school, my school ends at 2.00 and bus leaves at 3.45 where i only get home at 5 then i still have homework... Schools should consider what students go through.

  • Why should teachers rights be more important than ours?

    I agree that because we are students that we have to abide by certain rules but that shouldn't mean that the teachers can abuse that power. I have had very good and very bad teachers in the past, and the good teachers I have had cared about me, and that needs to go both ways.

  • Students are people too.

    We are all humans, so why is one more powerful than the other? I believe that all humans should be equal and students should have more freedom of choice. One person is not further up the food chain than the other, and religions show that people have the freedom of choice, so overall I believe that students should have more rights.

  • Teachers earn money

    Teachers earn money for doing their jobs. They must serve well and teach the kids. They are compelled to do it, and otherwise, they should be fired. The children and their families are the school's customers, and should be more respected. They give away their money for their education. A teacher shouldn't be entitled to force students to stay in a detention room after school as a punishment. That shouldn't be legal.

  • Teachers' rights are not more important than students' rights.

    Teachers' rights are not more important than students' rights. I think that they should be the same no matter what the issues they have are. Teachers decide to teach and get paid for doing so. Students do not get to choose whether or not to attend school so their issues should not be overlooked.

  • No, teachers' rights are not more important than students' rights

    All people in this country have rights - important rights - but they may be different rights. Both teachers and students have the right to be respected and to be in a safe environment at school. Students have the right to a fair and reasonable education, while teachers have the right to have a classroom with the supplies and resources they need to teach. Teachers and students are both very important parts of a successful school and the rights of one are no more or less important than the rights of the other. In certain situations the rights of a teacher may infringe on the rights of a student, or the rights of a student may infringe on the rights of a teacher, but it doesn't make either ones rights more important.

  • They are employees first.

    No, I do not believe teachers' rights are more important than students' rights, because the teachers are employees. As employees they are more obligated to follow their employee's wishes as a condition of employment. Students have no choice but to go to school until they are 16, so their rights are more important.

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