Do you believe teachers should be subjected to grading by their students?

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  • Yes, students should be able to grade their teachers.

    Students should have the opportunity to grade their teachers to provide a checks-and-balances system that assures proper education, both for themselves and future students. Teachers should have nothing at all to worry about if they are doing a good job, but questions should be as fair as possible to assure that students are not able to bully teachers through unfair grading. If a fair system is devised and put into place, as it already has in many colleges and universities, it could prove to be an excellent learning opportunity for teachers themselves so they can continue to grow in their craft.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe teachers should be subjected to grading by their students, especially in public school systems. I think more importantly teachers should be graded based on the parents perception as well. As of right now the American public school system doesn't ask for the input of students or parents and I think that is a grave disservice.

  • Teacher Assistants are

    I think teachers should be too. It should be every time the school district gives out report cards. The kids get to grade the teacher, as the teacher gets to grade them. The teacher grades would have to be anonymous and go directly to the front office. Where they would be reviewed and form a consensus of what the teacher needs to work on.

  • No, teachers answer to society at large, not their students

    Teachers function in essentially a customer service positions, however the customers they're working for are not the people they deal with directly. Students are not fully adults and are not in an objective situation to properly understand a teacher's workload and rate their performance compared to others. The job of a teacher is to create a mature and knowledgeable individual over a period of years, but while they are developing to that point they are not capable of fairly grading teacher performance.

  • Students do not have objective motivation to grade teachers

    Students are taught to observe teachers with a higher regard than their peers. This would lead to the possibility of the student fearing quilt for giving a harsh assessment and not assessing the teacher in an objective manner. Students may respond by retaliating against the teacher for receiving a bad grade and respond with a bad review of the teacher.

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