• Teaching is a very important and worthy occupation.

    Teachers are partially responsible for the next generation and thus very important and a integral part of any society. A teacher can make a large impact on young people's lives. They can teach new skills, new knowledge, perspectives as well as inspire and motivate youth to pursue their goals or skills. In doing so, they help shape the future of their society. Therefore teaching is certainly a worthy occupation.

  • Of course it is

    Teaching is one of the hardest jobs there is, it takes a very capable and intelligent person to do it successfully.

    It is also one of the most important job you could ever do, because it is the teachers that create our future society and citizens.

    It is without a doubt one of the most respectable and important jobs available.

  • The best there is

    I think that for someone to be willing to make a career in teaching others what they have learned the person has to be very good inside. Teaching is definately a worthy occupation, and is probably the most important job that their is. It is what builds our new leaders.

  • Yes, teaching is a worthy occupation.

    Is teaching a lucrative occupation? No, its not. I guess it depends on what you value though. Teachers can do many things,but inspiring them, is the most valuable. It's not a worthy job for me, I am greedy. It doesn't pay enough and you have to deal with the good and the bad. Teachers have to be in it for the students, that being said, for them it has to be worthy, not for me.

  • Teaching is an amazing occupation.

    In the United States teachers are not given the respect they deserve and are often ridiculed or brushed off or looked at as priviledged because they get the summers off. This is insane to me. They are nurturing our childrens' minds, and most of them deserve credit for it. A lot of credit.

  • Most teachers aren't that smart.

    No, I do not believe that teaching is a worthy occupation, because most teachers, especially middle school English teachers, mostly went into the profession because they couldn't do anything else. They are paid very high rates because they work for the government. They tend to be on power trips. People who can, do. People who can't, teach.

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