Do you believe technology will make each new generation more lazy than the prior generation?

  • Yes, technology will make each generation lazier.

    I think that every time technology advances, each new generation will become even more lazy than the prior generation. I think that the technological advances give some people the opportunity to do less and less physical work. I think that it is only natural that people will be lazier and fatter.

  • Humans are too impulsive to avoid the easy way out

    Technology gives us the option to avoid a physical active lifestyle, it does not force us to become lazy but combining that option with humans being naturally lazy as generations move forward with technology we will only see them rely on it more. Simply by making technology to make are life easier we are trying to need to do less. In the end not everyone in a generation will be lazy thanks to cultural diversity and the different methods parents raise there children but on average the human mind will choose the easy option

  • We already are

    Our generation is extremely lazy when it comes to what people used to do. We can't chop wood, hunt for our own food, and even build anything of value. We are very smart in other ways, but we are a lot lazier than in the past. Technology is great, but we have lost a lot of knowledge.

  • In my opinion, The new generations aren't getting more lazy

    But they tend to be more creative as each generation are able to invent new stuff that we never thought would be possible. Hell, If you are saying technology is making us lazy then why are we even sitting on this website arguing about this topic rather than doing a speech at the city? Also, I'm not saying technology has no cons but overall it has more pros than cons.

  • If anything it makes them less lazy

    I think people are using the word lazy wrong. Lazy means disinclined to activity or exertion. People way back in the day did stuff the hard way because there was no way other than the hard way. Then in the future or the further generations said hey this can be done a way easier way by putting in some hard work by making a machine that can do things at a quicker rate and make it easy on the people working. I'm also going to assume most people are when they hear the word technology they think of phones, tablets, computers, etc. But technology range of from those things to other things that make our life easier. This does not mean we are lazy, it means the exact opposite using the head is more affective and gets more work done then just coming up with the first idea you get.

  • We have more options.

    No, I do not believe that technology will make each new generation more lazy than the prior generation, because I do not believe that technology makes us lazy. When technology made doing the family laundry a three hour activity instead of a day, women didn't get lazy, they went to work.

  • No, technology doesn't make people lazier.

    No, technology doesn't make people lazier, but instead, it changes the way that individuals view and act out labor. Technology may eliminate the need to perform more strenuous physical labor, but it also creates the need to do more cognitive or creative labor, which is often more fulfilling and less alienated to the worker.

  • No, I don't think technology will make each new generation more lazy then the prior generation

    Overall I think technology may make some of the more tedious aspects of our lives easier I think that the laziness of each generation is not influenced by the rate of our technology progress, I think there are still plenty of things to do and work on regardless of our technology.

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