• Yes, They should

    Some girls want or end up having sex and they don't need children while they are teens, Also when and if they get pregnant some parents and or them self or partners pressure them to abort and its not the babies fault for their mistakes. Sometimes they do it out of force from a guy and then have no idea what to do when they end up pregnant and have no one to come to.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, they do need to be able to go and get these pills without having any type of papers, since they are going to be having sex, and thay do not need to be getting pregnant while they are still teens, since it messes up there lives quite a bit.

  • No, they are still medicine with potential side effects

    I do think teenage girls should have easy access to birth control, so it should be very simple for them to obtain a prescription for pills through organizations such as Planned Parenthood. However, the pills are still medicine, and some of the side effects can be serious - blood clots, stroke, depression etc, so teens need to be informed of them, and have the ability to ask questions about them.

  • Teenage girls should not be allowed to obtain birth control without a prescription.

    I believe teenage girls should not be allowed to obtain birth control without a prescription. Maturity rarely arrives even after an individual reaches adulthood. Birth control needs to be administered by a doctor with an adults permission otherwise It's an excuse to have unprotected sex as often as possible without fear of repercussions. In a world where STDs run rampant it will eventually lead to an outbreak of disease and a corruption of value.

  • Adult have to have a Perscription

    No, I do not believe that teenage girls should be able to obtain birth control. In reality adult females do not have access to birth control pills unless they are prescribed. Also in order to get the perscription adult women must receive a woman's check to ensure they are still healthy. There should be no difference with teenage girls.

  • Need A Doctor

    I believe birth control can be dangerous to some peoples health and I believe all people should have to obtain a prescription for these pills. I believe patients should get birth control at the recommendation of their doctor, especially since there are so many different types available. While teenagers should be able to access these drugs, I think it's important to remember that its still a pharmaceutical product.

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