Do you believe teenagers will be less likely to get pregnant if there is improved access to contraception?

  • Contraception works. So does parenting.

    There is only anecdotal evidence that providing contraception to teenagers creates a sexual life in a teen that otherwise may not have had one. There is scientific evidence that providing condoms to Africans leads to less Africans. There is scientific evidence that condoms introduced into Foreign schools resulted in fewer pregnancies.

  • Much less pregnancy.

    As a matter of fact, the evidence is already there that better access to contraceptive leads to lower rates of teen pregnancy. In my opinion, contraceptives should be free and there should be many places to get them. This would stop a lot of problems from happening both in the US and worldwide.

  • improved access to contaception

    I personally agreeYoung people are obsessed with sex. They see it is a way of proving how adult they are, a way of having fun, and they want to try it because they’ve heard so much about it. They are also at an age when they think they know it all and won’t listen to others. They’re having spontaneous sex and they’re oblivious to risks. The very least we can do in this situation is to try and make contraception normal and easily accessibly. Young people do not listen to adults because too much focus has been given to meeting their needs. They think the world revolves around them when they should be taught the need to be good citizens. We don’t need to become more liberal with children, we need to become more strict. We need to start teaching them that they are responsible for their actions and will suffer if they do something wrong. Only

  • Yes they will

    Yes, if there was a lot more ways for teens to get the different types of birth control out there, then they would be a lot less likely to end up pregnant at a young age, so it will be really good for the society as a whole to do this.

  • No, with more access comes a greater chance.

    If teenagers can have more contraception ad find it easier to receive such things as condoms than they will have more sex and will take that risk a lot more. However, if it is not easier to acquire those things than they will not have sex as often and will be less likely to have that baby.

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