• Yes they do

    Yes, I do think that teens stay out of trouble if they participate in sports. They are taught a lot of discipline, and they are taught to follow orders and do what they are told. I think sports also help keep teens athletic further on in life, making them healthier.

  • Staying off the streets

    If kids are playing sports then there is a significant amount of time that they do not have the ability to be out getting into trouble. I also believe that kids that play sports are also trying to stay out of trouble so that they can continue to play and not be suspended from the team. The team also has to make a certain GPA which cause the team to study more.

  • Sports are good for teens.

    Sports are great for teens, especially tough ones like wrestling and football. I don't say this because I would force my kid into one, but it builds a great work ethic and teaches responsibility, aside from keeping them out of the streets and in running into trouble. Sports are a positive.

  • Less Free Time

    The more time that teens spend playing sports the less time they have to get into trouble. Involvement in sports gives teens an opportunity to make more friends who are most likely a good influence because they are all similar in some way. These kids always have something to depend on and they learn that in order to have playing time they always have to give 110% so they will continue to work hard in whatever they do.

  • Sports keep kids out of trouble.

    Kids playing sports will less likely to stay out of trouble more than kids not playing sports. When a kid plays a sport they are a part of a team and not to let the team down they dont need to get in trouble. Kids wont get in trouble when they play.

  • Hobbies, clubs or sports may all be helpful, but they are not always so.

    Hobbies, clubs or sports may all be helpful. Sports do not hold a special monopoly on extra-circular activities, and they are not always beneficial. Sports tend to promote bullying, and (as mentioned already) kids who are in sports are more likely to have dominant personalities. Yes, sports promote physical fitness, and team play, but the preference of playing sports rather than choosing a creative or intellectual outlet is a matter of personal opinion and priority.

  • Teens can get in trouble while participating in sports as well.

    Although participation in sports may reduce the likelihood of teens' involvement in ill-advised activities, it does not preclude it. There are regularly stories in the media of high school and college athletes involved with drugs, violence, or other destructive activities. In fact, sometimes the fame and privilege that being an athlete brings, can lead teens to behave recklessly. Thus sports does not always help teens stay out of trouble.

  • Sports can increase trouble-making.

    Teens do not stay out of trouble if they participate in sports, in fact sometimes it makes their trouble-making even worse. Teens who are athletes are often given passes in behavior and also often have dominant personalities. Combining these two things often leads to teens bullying others and committing crimes.

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