• Anything in moderation

    Yes, I believe that television for children can be a good thing if it is used in moderation. Television can be educational and can give a child an opportunity to experience the world without actually going into it. Television should not, however, be used as a baby sitter to a child and it should not raise the child, but it can be a useful tool.

  • Television can help kids

    Television can be good for kids if it is used in moderation. It can be a learning experience for the kids, as long as the parents or teachers use the television program to baby sit the kids. If that happened, then the kids would just mindlessly watch tv for hours and that is bad.

  • Yes,television for children can be good,if used in moderation.

    Yes,television can be good if used in moderation.Television can offer educational entertainment and culture not offered in other places.The key is to monitor and restrict the types and amount of tv available to watch.Of course large amounts of violent tv filled with ads for unhealthy products is not good for children or anybody else.

  • Yes, it offers fun and education

    Parents must oversee their children’s viewing of course, but
    television can help children learn and grow. Many educational programs help
    children with numbers and letters. Often a bit of history or geography is
    thrown in as well. And many shows are just plain fun for kids, and even for the
    whole family. Everyone enjoys entertainment. There is nothing wrong with television,
    in moderation.

  • Yes, television can be good for children in moderation

    There are many excellent television programs available today for viewing by children. There are also some horrible ones. Parents must monitor what their children watch and not use television as simply an inexpensive baby sitter. When used wisely, television viewing can be educational and can broaden the horizons of the children who watch certain programs. Many programs teach new words, new concepts, facts about history, and facts about other states or countries. Television can be a great addition to a child's day but viewing time should be limited. Children need to have other options made available to them such as reading, conversation and play with other children, and activities involving movement in addition to a limited amount of television program viewing.

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