Do you believe terrorists are capable of carrying out an attack on U.S. soil that exceeds the damage caused by the attacks of September 11. 2001?

Do you believe terrorists are capable of carrying out an attack on U.S. soil that exceeds the damage caused by the attacks of September 11. 2001?
  • If the terrorists get a nuclear weapon to explode in America, it will be much worse than 2001.

    The terrorists are actively trying to get weapons of mass destruction to use against America. They especially want a nuclear device. If they succeed, they will not hesitate to use it on a city. That would be much worse than the attacks in 2001.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Yes, terrorists are capable of carrying out an attack on U.S. soil, greater than or equal to 9/11, because they are capable of anything.

    Terrorists are capable of anything. And, it just doesn't have to be anti-American terrorist from other countries. We seem to have a very short collective memory of white Americans being terrorists on their own homeland. Infiltration can happen anywhere, and no amount of political lip service or American occupation is going to change this. It can happen, and it is too bad that it probably will. America will be blindsided, because they will probably be looking the wrong way before it hits.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • I believe that it is possible for terrorists to carry out an attack on U.S. soil that exceeds damage of 9/11, if those terrorists use biological weapons.

    While the attacks carried out on September 11, 2001 were tragic, they were isolated incidents. These attacks were unprecedented and did massive damage, but only to specific locations, like the The Twin Towers, Building 7, and the Pentagon. With the greatly increased national security in the U.S. since 9/11, I think that it would be extremely difficult for terrorists to carry out an attack of greater destruction using any type of standard weapons, planes, or explosives. I do, however, think that if terrorists try to attack the U.S. using biological weapons, it is possible that the death toll from a biological attack would dwarf 9/11. If bacteria, fungi, or viruses got into the water supply of major cities, it would be devastating. Depending on how quickly such a disease would spread, how deadly it would be, and resources for a treatment or cure, it could wipe out entire populations.

    Posted by: ThirdArlie55
  • I believe that terrorists are capable of attacking the U.S. and causing more damage than what was incurred on September 11, 2001.

    In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before the terrorists strike the U.S. again. They despise everything about us and are merely biding their time until they are prepared to attack and cause the most destruction. They will do everything they can to ensure that any subsequent attacks are more damaging than the September 11, 2001 attack because they want us to live in a constant state of fear.

    Posted by: DailyBrooks61
  • I feel that terrorists are capable of carrying out a worse attack then September 11 by using our nuclear power plants.

    The catastrophe over in Japan has really brought to light the vulnerability of nuclear power plants. This in turn is probably getting the gears working in many terrorist minds as to how they can use this vulnerability to their advantage and what they could do to gain access to it on US soil.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Yes, because I believe terrorists can catch us off guard and do anything.

    Terrorists, no matter what, have been finding ways to make attacks all over the globe. I strongly believe it's only a matter of time before another attack is set. Look at what happened last year when a terrorist drove a van in NYC, and left it to blow up. Although it failed, had it gone off, it would have done major damage and killed people. Terrorists could be our next door neighbors and we wouldn't even know it.

    Posted by: E Barlow
  • I agree that another, even worse terrorist attack is possible on U.S. soil.

    The United States has done next to nothing to secure our borders. We'll let any Tom, Dick or Achnad in this country and then we will open up to them every opportunity to learn everything they need to know to destroy us. Not only is it possible that we could experience another terrorist attack, it's nearly inevitable.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Yes, I believe there's no limit to what they can do, given their ambition.

    September 11th wasn't the first terrorist attack. It wasn't even the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. But, it was worse than all others. And there's no reason to say that the next attack can't be even worse. When people are passionate about what they believe, including terrorists, there's no telling what they can do. As the government tries to increase security, and make other changes, to prevent terrorist attacks, the terrorists are also trying to fail-proof future attempts. September 11th might have shown us areas where there is need for improvement, as far as our national security goes, but the terrorists that remain also learned where the terrorists of 9/11 went wrong. And, they will try to not make the same mistakes next time.

    Posted by: gnorknik
  • It can easily happen!

    Someone can go crazy at anytime. Terrorists can be someone right here in our own country. They could do damage with a gun, bomb, plane, who knows what. We're so worried about foreigners, but someone here in the United States might hatch a plan. There are crazy groups everywhere. A gang, group of supremacists, who knows. Scary, but I believe it could happen.

    Posted by: R34d3Homey
  • I agree that another attack could be worse because terrorists will never stop their hatred. Terrorists want to hurt us badly, not just send little warnings.

    Terrorists continue their efforts every day to hurt our soldiers and they are plotting behind the scenes right now. No one knew what would happen on 9-11-01 but the terrorists. They were happy with the outcome and will increase their efforts each time. Security is in place but not knowing exactly what can happen hurts us because we do not know what to expect. Terrorists could use bombs or biological weapons to cause much greater damage that we may not be ready for.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • I think it's funny how everyone says terrorists are in our country, or could be our neighbors.

    Hey people the biggest terrorist in this world in the US government, how to you think Osama became so powerful? We funded him and gave him weapons to fight Iran. He turned on us. We funded Saddam except he was to fight Russia. He turned on us as well. We create terrorist, and when they turn on us, the US government turns the other way. However I do not believe that they can attack us, we have to much security over the matter.

  • No I don't think terrorists are capable of carrying out an attack on US soil that exceeds the damage caused by attacks of September 11, 2001

    It was just one incidence in the history and USA replied very well to that. No terrorist group in the world can now dare to attack USA at such a level. The intelligence and immigration has also been made much tougher now. Many attempts ever since September 11 has been made, like that the times square bombing attempt but all in vain

    Posted by: 54vi0rTanny
  • The security has been tightened after the incident.

    No, I don't think so the damage can exceed the attacks of September 11, 2001. The dastardly act was seen and experienced by one and all, all over the world. Security has been tightened and precautions are being taken at each and every step to prevent another attack of the same magnitude. The terrorists can never be successful in their attempt to carry out an attack on US soil.

    Posted by: CI3Hate

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