Do you believe that a global government organization is beneficial?

  • We already have a global dictatorship. We need the rich to pay their taxes.

    An Oxfam report out today confirmed that 85 people at the top own and much money as half of the planet - 3.5 billion people. Time has long since passed when globalisation has allowed companies to rise above the influence of government. Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, Barclays, on and on - these companies do not pay their taxes in the way that small businesses and individuals have to. Enormous amounts of money are siphoned off instead into the hands of the rich, who commission the building of another superyacht, while millions die daily of malnutrition. The reason why all this happens? We have no global government. If a local government demands proper taxes - the companies are just moved to another more accomodating location. They skip around the globe taking and not giving back as they should, simply so that those 85 very rich people can get richer. A global government would allow the taxation of these companies, and the game would end. Politics at a local, ie country-wide level, is long since dead. Policy is dictated in secret by the very rich, from Iraq wars to environmental policies - and its no surprise that the 'democratic' process at the local level has long since stopped working. We live in effect in a global dictatorship, with some tacit politics continuing to allow the pretence that democracy is alive. But every government, whether left or right, is that same as the previous, and why? Because they really are not in control. Its the enormous wealth at the top that has control, dictating policy simply to forward its own agenda, which is simply - make us more money, give us more power. We live in a global dictatorship and we must transform it into a global government, to free ourselves from the tyranny of the rich, and genuinely provide hope and a better life for the billions of real hard-working citizens of the world who deserve a voice.

  • YES because the world need to come to an agreement

    Today's world is basically with a one world government and USA is just the leader making like allies with other places so by the time we realized the US has made every body in the world a friend. We will pretend that we are their friends but just to get something out of it. China (Asia) we are buying products and turning around and selling something that's worth 3 dollars for 16 or 17

  • We should get rid of the notion of the "nation"

    People have been brainwashed with the idea that countries and nations are a essential part of life. The single largest reason for a war is a division of people into nations. Physical borders are what prevent so many people from having a better life (see North Korea). People are now taught hatred because of national identity. If we stop thinking that we are somehow different just because we were born few hundred kilometres apart, then we would be able to finally unite to fight global problems. The only real way to do it is to abolish the sence of a state and to create a global government. (how to create a global government is a different issue).

  • The time is right for a planetary government

    I understand those who live in rather liberal countries and are afraid that the majority of the world will cut down they freedom.
    But I believe it's a matter of ORGANIZATION: some topics should be treated on a global level (schools for competence transportability sake) and others on a local level (schools again but for their internal functioning). The way I see it, the actual nations should keep their police forces and surrender their armies to a planetary government.
    THE TIME IS JUST RIGHT: Since the spread of SMS, we have now the means to conduct a WorldWide debate about the drafting of a Constitution until an acceptable text is reached. It would be a shame to miss it.

  • Its only common sense.

    Yes its the most likely way to ensure the long term survival of humans. Some form of global administration, seems to me the only way to, equitably distribute the wealth and resources of the planet.
    There would have to be a strong constitution that would guarantee individual rights, recognizing, of course that ones own rights end where another's begins.

  • A global government organization would be great for the world because, if done right, world hunger and war would be a thing of the past.

    A global government would help the planet, but there would be some serious hurdles to overcome for that to become a reality. The world government would have to have some real power to enforce its will, just like any government. If you break the law, then they can send the police in and arrest someone. Also, all countries would have to be dissolved and broken up into states, provinces or zones. That way, people would feel like they were all a part of the same group, rather than broken up as countries, like it is now. Standards would also need to be in place. A single language would have to be put into place, with a single school system also put in place. To prevent religious issues and factions from causing problems, two things must happen. All forms of current religion must be closed down, and a new religion must be created in its place. This would have to be done not with some divine being, but focusing more on the power of humans and humanity. If all these conditions could be met, the world would finally move forward, instead of stagnating in its current state now.

    Posted by: FabulousGino75
  • A global government organization would be beneficial, because it would help to eliminate conflict.

    The sooner the world realizes that all humans are equal and deserving of the same rights and responsibilities, the sooner we will see a peaceful home for all. Due to our divisions on ethical behavior, we are continually at odds with one another. I would fully support a global government that is open to criticism from all people.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Yes, I believe a global organization is beneficial, because it brings multiple ideas together.

    I believe a global organization does in fact benefit the world, because it brings together multiple ideas and combines them to form a common idea. Many of the world's problems are solved through world organizations, because a group of collaborated countries come together and organize solutions to problems that plague the world.

    Posted by: RMicheal
  • With appropriate limits on its power, global governance mechanisms could facilitate important collective responses to global or other urgent problems.

    Climate change is the most obvious example of a problem that requires a coordinated global response, but it is hardly the only one. Many public health problems also fit the bill. International security problems also could be handled more effectively, and with less humanitarian fallout, were effective collective decision-making and response modalities available. The U.N., one model for such action, has been appropriately criticized for various instances of corruption and ineffectiveness. But the complexities and limitations of global governing entities, while valid reminders of the importance of substantial ongoing national sovereignty and the need for checks on the power of international bodies, do not obviate the need for collective action.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • If you mean a UN type org. then definitely it is helpful to have a forum for diverse nations to work together.

    The world is shrinking thanks to technology but so many issues still divide us, thus a global org. like the UN is more vital than ever because that same technology makes instant destruction a real possibility. Assembling representatives of diverse nations and diverse views, providing a forum for rational and safe discussion is a great way to share ideas and start breaking down barriers.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Corruption in governments

    More power in the hands of fewer people. Spread that control over the globe ? People generally are self serving to the extreme---always have been, always will be. Give a man power and you will create a monster. Concentrated world power will create genocide. All in the name of security and safety. Terrible idea !

  • In other words: Is a GLOBAL violent monopoly on the use of force better than a regional violent monopoly on the use of force?

    Governments are entities who's power is derived from their monopoly on the use of or threat of violence against the population within their borders. Global or not, government is inherently a violation of private property and human rights. So, no, global government is not better than sovereign nations. They are equally evil and unnecessary.

  • Are you kidding?

    Are you kidding? A global government? And just how much better would that be? I think that in the course of human history it was Henry David Thoreau who said it best: "Government is best which governs least... Indeed, government is best which governs not at all." I seriously doubt that a one world government would be any more beneficial to us than the over-empowered ones we already have!

  • Nations have their own self-interests that trump global government.

    In the late 1920's, when Japan invaded China, the League of Nations condemned Japan, but did nothing further. Japan decided that their national interests were more important than international cooperation. A global government will have trouble getting countries to cooperate, when their interests are being threatened.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I oppose global government organization, because we all have different values and belief systems, and our needs would be too vast.

    A global government organization would be a terrible idea, because we would not be able to agree on whose government we would follow. Clearly, it would not be the American government, because we have enough problems as it is. If we had a global government, who would make the biggest decisions that impact our lives? America would be a drastically different place, if we move to a global government organization.

    Posted by: MammothTory
  • A global government is not beneficial and will only lead to more conflicts and wars.

    A global governing entity will never work because of many unique beliefs and cultures across the planet. One government will be seen as a dictatorship and lead to eventual revolt and instability. There is no real way to implement a global government without infringing upon the rights of sovereign states.

    Posted by: NastySandy99
  • A global government organization would not be beneficial, as it would lead to a massive bureaucracy and decrease the rights and freedoms of individual nations.

    A global government would, in all likelihood, create a massive bureaucracy and decrease the rights and freedoms of individual nations. Furthermore, since much of the world is still developing and unfamiliar with democratic institutions, it is difficult to say what kind of government a global institution would produce. The world still has a long way to go before such an institution would be possible.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • I am sworn to fight against it to the death! If you support that which is unconstitutional ? Im sworn by oath to fight you as well.

    The current vouge of coercive collectivism is really quite an old one! Global gun control for example is to me a euphemism for victim disarmament! 165 Million human beings were slaughtered by their own governments in the 20th century, yet the unelected faceless beuraucrats uf the UN have decided that they will engineer "global gun control"? As they do not get out of their Ivory towers in Manhattan much they fail to realize just how many armed Americans surround them! If you want global government you are worse than a Tory was during the US revolution! You should leave to save us the trouble of hanging you as a traitor when the civil war begins. Rockefeller and other wealthy elites support a global police state ,to any who support that without the bank account to match it? You are fools! We allready have an unacountable federal government and you like Obama,Bush,and every other CFR piece of crap think we should appoint rather than elect those hostile to us to govern us in any way?? At this point in this country if your not in defense of US Sovereignty then you should go live in Zimbabwe or South Africa and see how well unity,equality,and justice are turning out! Regurgitated Marxist drivel trully!

  • Only if you want to give away your freedom.

    "Global Governance" is a code-phrase for "Give up your rights under the Constitution". Only one country in the world has freedom of speech. The U. S. Many countries do not have freedom of religion, the right to assemble peaceably, or even the right to not be enslaved. Why in God's Name would anyone who loves liberty support the
    U. N.?

  • I do not believe that a global governmental system will benefit any country because every country is set in their own ways.

    I strongly oppose a global government system, as countries around the world have too many differentiating economic, military, political and religious policies and views. In addition, if the world cannot get along while acting as separate entities, which had often led to war, how can it function as "one" for governmental purposes?

    Posted by: Quibarce

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