Do you believe that a if someone cheats they don't love their partner?

Asked by: Bluepaintcan123
  • They don't respect you

    A person who cheats doesn't really love their partner. They may feel a lot for the person, but not love. Someone who cheats automatically does not respect their partner and lacks compassion towards them. I don't believe in the phrase "once a cheater always a cheater" though. And when the cheating happens in what can still be considered early into the relationship, its doesn't have to be the end for the couple. Someone can make the mistake of not appreciating their new partner but they can redeem themselves once they realize their mistake. However they didn't love their partner the moment they cheated.

  • I have no idea.

    Some people say yes some while people say no, despite the guilt the person shows. I'm only choosing a side because I'm required to, so this isn't my personal opinion.
    Also, this isn't about whether they can be forgiven or anything like that, it is just about their love for their partner. Do you think that someone that "truly" loves their partner would NEVER cheat on them? Is it only cold-hearted a**holes that cheat?

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