• Yes, I believe a mental retardation prevention drug could be found.

    While there are many known and several unknown causes to the different types of mental retardation I do feel that scientists will eventually be able to find cures to prevent several of the major types of mental retardation to ever start to occur in the very near future, there will be a big push in the next few years to get out more cures and treatments since it's becoming a big issue.

  • With science, anything is possible.

    We are making new discoveries about the human body all the time. Similarly, we are making new discoveries of drugs all the time. I do indeed foresee a future where a mental retardation prevention drug could be discovered. More than likely it would be in the form of a pre-labor treatment delivered in the womb.

  • Yes it could

    Yes, right now there is a whole lot of science that is in place to see if there is any such drug that can be available. I think that in the near future we could see a new medicine that could cure a lot of the bad disease we have.

  • No, a mental retardation drug is nowhere near.

    I do not believe that science is anywhere close to discovering a drug that can help mental retardation. I think that such a drug would prove to be very beneficial to mankind though. But unfortunately such a drug is just a dream as of now. I think science will discover it though.

  • It is a defect.

    No, I do not believe that a mental retardation drug could soon be discovered, because mental retardation is a defect that someone is born with. There is not a drug that can prevent a person from being born without an arm. Likewise, there is no way to stop a person from being born retarded. It just happens.

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