Do you believe that a separate tax should be added for candy and other junk food?

Asked by: DD123JJ
  • Coming from a republican...

    Last time I checked, vegetables and fruits are not taxed. You can buy many fruits and vegetables equivalent to a family size bag of Lay's Potato Chips. It does not cost a huge sum of money to eat healthy. I believe in bargaining and eating cheap healthy food. Yeah it might not be the BEST quality, but it shows in my father who had high blood pressure, while making the switch from junk food to healthy food, his blood pressure went down quite surprisingly. You'd be amazed to find out that you could spend 60$ at a food store with all healthy food. I will agree if you want to get the BEST healthy food (organic) from a store, then yes it is quite ridiculous that organic food is more expensive than junk food. That gives a lot of people the wrong actions to feel like "What is the point of eating organic food when I can go out and buy 3 bags of chips for the cost of a lb of vegetables?" Overall, eating healthy is NOT expensive. It is all about budgeting and where you shop at. In fact, my mother and my grandmother and grandfather were very poor at one time. Instead of eating out which was expensive, they grew their own food. Eating home grown organic food in my opinion is the best option! You don't have a poor system regulating food that might have some pesticides or A LOT of pesticides.

  • Due to the increasing obesity, YES

    A tax on un-healthy food would definitely sway people's opinion on buying it. Fast food and junk food are super fattening and cheap. That is a reason people buy them. You could feed a family of four at Mcdonalds for 15-20 dollars or you could spend 35 dollars for a nutritional home made meal. It is a fact, junk foods are cheaper than healthy foods. So a tax on junk foods such as candy might just sway people towards more nutrient rich foods and away from cheap fattening foods.

  • Sure, why not

    Surely the tax would not significantly increase the cost, but if people are going to eat unhealthy food, why not tax them a little bit more? The government is subsidizing the wrong foods, making healthy organic foods more expensive than junk food. This makes absolutely no sense, we should be rewarding farmers who are growing healthier food so that more people can afford to eat healthier. So a tax on unhealthier foods would help even the playing field.

  • So much money increase

    Younger kids wouldn't be able to afford, higher food costs, companies lose money/ out of business, government will have to much power over taxes, higher food cost is a bad economy, people lose their jobs, this evolves to much risk for workers, parents and children My opinion is they shouldn't be increased.

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