Do you believe that adaptation will be the more important response to climate change?

  • Adaptation is the most important response to climate change

    It is my opinion that adaptation will be the most important response to climate change because adapting the way that we live our everyday lives can be the best way to stabilize our changing climate. By adapting our habits in regard to environmental issues such as recycling and pollution, we can help keep climate change from further advancing.

  • Adaptation More Reasonable Response to Climate Change

    While it would be wonderful to be able to change all of the negative aspects of our environment, such as carbon emissions, overnight, such a change is not realistic for a number of reasons, including that it would cause a major disruption to many of the world's economies. Rather, we must be willing to adapt to changing climates as an intermediate solution to the problem.

  • It is going to have to be

    Climate change is accelerating and the worse it gets, the faster it will accelerate. That is unless we can change our standard of living real quick. Adaptation is going to be very important for animals to survive. Humans are also going to have to learn how to do certain things without certain resources.

  • No: Adaptation Will Not Be the Most Important Response to Climate Change

    Catastrophic climate change appears to be baked in at this point. Even so, countries and individuals need to do everything they can to reduce carbon emissions. Adaptation will not be the most important response, because adaptation will not be possible if we continue down the path we are currently on.

  • No, adaptation should not be the more important response to climate change.

    Adaptation should not be the more important response and goal against climate change. Climate change does not affect only humans. While we, homo sapiens, may have the resources, foreknowledge, and understanding of climate change to weather the storm effectively, climate change will have a disastrous effect on the natural world and ecosystem. Biodiversity will plummet, species will perish, and more if climate change is allowed to continue.

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