Do you believe that Alan Greenspan was really just a financial con-artist?

  • Yes, I do.

    Alan Greenspan was a follower of Ayn Rand and believed that the strong should thrive and the weak should suffer. He was smart and good at what he did, but used those talents to manipulate others. He has spread the lie that social security was in trouble when in reality it won't be for quite some time.

  • Greenspan A Con-Artist

    In reality, Alan Greenspan was nothing more than a financial con-artist. He took advantage of countless individuals that relied upon him for advice and management. The fact of the matter is that Greenspan should have been labeled a con-artist from the very beginning when his notable career first started back then.

  • Alan Greenspan was not really just a financial con-artist.

    Alan Greenspan was not really just a financial con-artist. He made decisions that he had to make for his job for the good of the American people. Most con-artists only care about themselves as they try to deceive people for profit. I do not think that Alan Greenspan was a con-artist.

  • Greenspan knew what he was doing.

    Alan Greenspan was in no way a financial con-artist. Greenspan knew what he was doing. He worked for Democrats and Republicans alike all the while doing an excellent job. The United States Financial downfall did not start until after Greenspan quit his job as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. People looking to blame him are just deperate to place the blame on someone.

  • He is very bright

    Anyone who is a financial genius could possibly turn into a con artist since they have the smarts to do it. However, I think Alan Greenspan really is a very bright individual and tried to implement policy that was beneficial to the country. He wasn't really a con artist in my opinion.

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